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Posted August 12, 2011
By dyl464,

MyChildren MyBride takes metalcore to a new level with their sophomore album Lost Boy. This is a much better band and sound than Unbreakable in 2008.  The band has clearly learned a lot since their debut, and it shows.

Musically, there is much of the same as Unbreakable, but it sounds cleaner and tighter. The guitars make themselves known in highlight tracks "Crimson Grim" and the hardcore punk-like "Redeemer." Matthew's vocals are very diverse, as he can go from deathcore growls to hardcore punk yells ("King of the Hopeless"). The breakdowns are huge, with chest pounding double bass, grinding guitars, and even gang vocals. The best breakdowns are in "King of the Hopeless," "Lost Boys," and "Nuclear."

The lyrics are not without substance either. The lyrics: "Our mortal flesh is nothing but a mantle of corruption, unveil and deliver into the hands of our Creator," in "Terra Firma" is a clear reference to God. In "Dark Passenger" they say "A live lived in fear isn't a life lived at all."  And "Redeemer" it talks about purpose ("We were designed for so much more than this life we're living").

Overall, the only flaw is that the songs sound very similar to each other, but when it's this good, I don't mind much. This album will most likely appeal to fans of Unbreakable, metalcore in general, even punk fans might enjoy this. Well done, MCMB for reinventing an oversaturated genre.

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