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Posted August 11, 2011
By dyl464,

    Post-hardcore band The Color Morale's debut album We All Have Demons surprises at the first listen. It's clear the band knows what they're doing when it comes to post-hardcore. Not many people have heard of this band. With that being said, I dove into this album with low expectations.



The first song, "The Sage of Washington Oaks," is pretty much your typical two-minute-long post-hardcore song: singing and screaming intertwined with double bass and decent guitar riffs. But then "Close Your Eyes And Look Away" blasts on the scene and you begin to realize what this band does best. By the time "Humannequin" comes on, you begin to notice lead vocalist Garrett Rapp's exceptional ability to go from low growls to sky high melodies with ease. The guitars flow perfectly through each song, and the drums do their job to keep a beat as well.



The lyrics on We All Have Demons are well written and thought provoking. "A Sponge In The Ocean" talks about love with lyrics like, "Those who deserve love the least need it the most," while the melodic "Hopes Anchor" is about perseverance ("I won't quit until I know that I truly tried"). And in the last song, "I, The Jury," Rapp reveals his compassion for the lost ("Father, Father will they let you in, let you in?").



At the end of this 34-minute album, you realize The Color Morale does it better than most in the genre. There's nothing unique here, but it's more excellent than you would expect from a fairly young band. Their sound is more mature than their age. If you like Underoath, Gwen Stacy, or A Bullet For Pretty Boy, than this one could be your next favorite.

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