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Pure and Simple Worship
Posted July 26, 2011
By KellyS, Staff Reviewer

Comprised of David Leonard (former lead singer of Jackson Waters) and fellow Know Hope Collective member Leslie Jordan, the newly formed worship duo All Sons & Daughters brings a unique and fresh sound to the worship scene. 
I actually met David Leonard after a NEEDTOBREATHE concert more than a year ago, and he had told me worship was his passion. He wasn’t exactly sure how to put that into action--since Jackson Waters had disbanded and his stint with NEEDTOBREATHE was almost over--but he knew God had put that desire in his heart for a reason. Fast forward a few months later, and All Sons & Daughters was formed to bless the church with beautiful, honest worship. It appears God did have a plan and, as always, it was a good one.
“This is a call to all the dead and disappointed, the ones who feel like they are done; this is a word to all the ones that feel forgotten, that you are not.” These are the first lyrics to hit listener’s ears and as they do, it’s obvious this album’s sole purpose is to bring people into the presence of God. Proclaiming “We’re alive, alive, alive and we’re singing,” Leonard and Jordan’s harmonies combine to quietly, but fervently give praise where it’s due. Though only about two minutes long, this song is powerful.
“Let It Shine” should be the anthem of every church. With added energy, this song encourages listeners to allow God to reveal His glory through them, to “Come let it shine!” Jordan sings, “There are a million truths for every lie,” reminding that darkness doesn’t have a hold on us if we don't allow it. Near the end of the song, a choir even joins in, adding power to the truth being sung out: “This is the battle of our time now, we can’t afford not to cry out!”
Taking things down a notch, “All The Poor And Powerless” is the duo’s first single and one of my favorites. The beginning is organic and stripped down, giving the song a pure and honest feel. It allows the listener to focus on the words being sung and worship without distraction. Leonard and Jordan remind us that no matter who we are, one day when Jesus returns, “All will sing out hallelujah.” 
As the song progresses and swells, more instruments and voices are introduced, proclaiming together, “Shout it; go on and scream it from the mountain, go on and tell it to the masses, that He is God!” Then, ending as it began, the duo’s heartfelt praises gently ring out. 
The title track, “Brokenness Aside,” opens with Jordan asking God, “Will your grace run out if I let you down?” With captivating harmonies, the duo answers what they know to be true, “You are a savior and you take brokenness aside and make it beautiful.” The combination of piano, acoustic guitar, and occasional strings, create a peaceful ebb and flow throughout the album, adding complexity to the sound without overwhelm. The lyrics in this song, like all others on this EP are honest and genuine, coming from a place of true worship.
Once again, beautiful harmonies ring out in “I Am Set Free,” as the duo praises God for what He’s done in their lives. “It is for freedom that I am set free,” is a simple, yet complex lyric that reverberates throughout the song. When truly contemplated, lyrics like this are what make this album special. Pure and simple, each song carries a meaning and depth all its own. And it’s the added passion in the vocals of Leonard and Jordan that make the listener believe in what’s being sung and encouraged to make it their own truth.
Ending with “Your Glory,” praise overflows as the duo proclaims, “Glory glory hallelujah, Jesus You are good.” Simple and true, the theme of God’s worthiness of praise is woven throughout every song. These are songs meant for the church and can be sung during a worship service, small group Bble study, around a campfire, or alone in your bedroom. They can fit any environment and that’s the beauty of a good worship song. The lyrics and vocal arrangements are easy for people to sing along and follow, but at the same time, deep and meaningful.
Closing Thoughts:
Nothing about this album is over-produced or showy. This is worship in its purest form. The lyrics, music, and vocals are real and honest. Just as they sing, “The heartbeat of my life is to worship in your light,” it’s clear the worship duo known as “All Sons & Daughters” aim to do just that. Even though this EP only includes 5 songs, each has been carefully crafted to bring the listener into God’s holy presence. If this is what “All Sons & Daughters” can do in just 5 songs, I can’t wait to hear a full-length project. This kind of pure and simple worship is a refreshing step in the right direction.

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