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First and Maybe the Best
Posted July 19, 2011
By Lunts24,

End Of Silence

I'm just gonna rate each song out of 10 (except for the Intro [End of Silence])

Breathe Into Me10/10:  The best song on this album arguably, this song is just a call out to God to give a person new life, has such emotion behind it.

Let Go8/10:  Not my favorite, but still has a great message of letting go of the unnecessary things of this world and turning to God to solve your problems.

Already Over10/10:  Just as great as Breathe Into Me, also has so much emotion put behind it, tells us that when we give our sins to Jesus, all the pain of sin is already over and done with.  The music video explains the song more.

10/10:  My favorite song probably on this entire album, this song almost makes me cry.  The intro is so intense and sets up the song so well.  Tells us that God is with you Christian or not and in every situation good or bad.

Pieces9/10:  Shows the softer side of Red.  Great musicality with the piano and strings combining and the harmonies.  Gives the struggling believers and unbelievers hope in God.

Break Me Down9.5/10:  Intense, heavy song.  Tells how God changes you completely when you accept him in your life and makes you confess your sins.

Wasting Time10/10:  Just as intense as Break Me Down.  Gives the message of how when people and Satan try to persecute you for being a believer how they can't stop you from believing.

Gave It All Away10/10:  Continues the intensity trend.  Gives hope for the believer that has turned away and wants to come back to God.

Hide9/10:  Interesting song.  Tells us we are not perfect and still have a sinful nature even though we are still believers.

Already Over, Pt. 27.5/10:  Essentially an acoustic version of Already Over.  Has an ominous feel.

There's a reason that this was Grammy Nominated, it's just such an emotional and musical album.  It's so great for any rock fan, Christian or Non-Christian.  This album definitely deserved 5 stars.

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