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Five Score and Seven Years Ago
Posted April 05, 2011
By batmanisawesome01,

Well I listened to this album once again today and realized, THIS is my favorite Relient K album! :)
I love it, and freakin love acapella! Their first song is an acapella, so of coarse I'ma like it. Then I had also listened to thier songs randomly, and I noticed that most of the songs I liked are in this album. I like "I Need You", "Fakin My Own Suicide", "I'm Takin You With Me", "Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care" "Give Until There's Nothing Left" and my favorite Relient K song of all time is "The Best Thing"! the way the piano sounds in that song is the reason why I'm learning it today, I absolutely adore it and everything about it, seriously it's just so cute! :D
Haha, I love "Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care", awesomest short song I've ever heard, even if he did just waste ten seconds of my life. lol.
Anyways, awesome song lyrics, awesome album. I recommend this one the most! Love it. :)

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