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This album changed my life
Posted December 06, 2010
By countryman4ever,

I remember listening to the whole CD and thinking how great of an album it is.
The beginning of the album starts with He Holds Everything. I think this song encourages us to hold on and not let fear control our life. We don't have to worry about the job market or "wait for the other shoe to drop". God is always in control and he is in charge not us.
Wildflower is a song about a girl who doesn't fit into the world standards. But God loves her anyway. The song talks about girls in general but boys could have the same feelings about being left out of groups. This song reminds me of someone who might be getting bullied in school. But if you hold on, it gets better. The song has a message of hope.
There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace is an amazing song about how Jesus is always there for us. We can't do anything that he can't forgive. Even if the world never forgives you, Jesus would always forgive you! This song gives me chills. POG tells a story about how everyone is going through something.
Love and Laundry is a fun song that many women can connect with. There is always laundry to do.
What About Jesus is a song about how your mother tells to never forget about Jesus.
Chalk in the Rain is a song about holding on to what is most important to you in life. It is a song about letting go of what really doesn't matter in the big picture of life.
The Greatest Show on Earth is a women driving song! The song describes how much women have to for their family.
A Good Place to Turn Around is one of my favorite songs on this album. It talks about how we all make mistakes and that we all need forgiveness. But we all can turn back around and get back on the right track.
Come to Jesus is a song about when you have a problem you just need to come to Jesus. He is always there. We are never alone in our struggles in life, and with Jesus he can help us overcome what we need to overcome. The vocals are great on this one.
These are my favorites on the album! This album is a must buy!

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