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A Superb EP
Posted October 19, 2010
By fanforchrist2009,

12 Stones, Christian rock group hailing from New Orleans, has released three full-length records and, now, one EP. After their self-titled debut, Potter's Field, and Anthem for the Underdog, they have progressed musically and lyrically in a sense that does indeed make me wish that this was an entire 12-track record. The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, three years long overdue, is a dynamic collection of 5 interesting and catchy songs.

Welcome to the End: Musically, this song is a very well-done guitar-ridden opener, one that pulls the listener into the album. Lyrically, it is not at all different from a few of 12 Stones' other songs, namely Disappear from the same album, which seems to continue the same story. 9.5/10

We Are One: This song is by far my favorite from the EP, one whose play count is already quite high. The lyrics are well-written, fitting the outstanding musical content to a tee. The music itself is an extremely catchy rock beat which simply has the feel of a concert. 10/10

Disappear: The supposed follow-up to album opener Welcome to the End, this song is loud with guitars at the onset, and then mostly quiet until the end. Its lyrics mirror that of said album opener. 8.5/10

Tomorrow Comes Today: I'm still wondering why this track was included on a 12 Stones album, because it is quite slow-paced. The lyrics are sort of strange So shine for me anyone / Cast a shadow on the sun / A light to find my way / I hope tomorrow comes today and the music sounds like a mainstream Christian release. But it's not a bad song, for the chorus is still rumbling its way through my head. 8/10

Enemy: I have to say, I just didn't like this one. The lyrics are plainly peculiar, and lead singer McCoy repeats the annoying screaming that took place at a minute level in Welcome to the End. This song returns to the more rocky level of the first three tracks. 7/10

All in all, The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday stands as a superb album, in my opinion the second best work of 12 Stones' career. If Wind-Up Records let them release a full-length album like this soon, they would have my money.

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