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Posted April 03, 2010
By Jcorkum,

Here we are, my most anticipated album since The Silver Cord.

TCC has quickly risen up to be one of my favorite bands I've been following them since pre-Albatross days and I must say Vagabonds is my favorite album so far.

The production style makes it sound so raw and real, it is awesome after listening to some of the over produced "clean" albums that are coming out.

You can expect some solid rock anthems as usual from The Classic Crime, Four Chords, The Count, Cheap Shots are all very solid rock songs.

Where I want to focus is on two very special songs, if you enjoyed the Seattle Sessions EP then you are gonna love them.

Broken Mess is just a ridiculously good song, I can't get enough of it, it's just so brutally honest and you can see that the writer really poured his soul into it.

My Name is the other song I want to bring to the forefront, lyrically it is so impressive, I just can't say enough about the honesty and quality of the lyrics on this album, My Name is such a reflective song about how you can see everything and be through so much, people will throw you around and treat you like garbage but keep pushing forward because they will never take who you are or change your heart.

If you love The Classic Crime or Rock music in general then this is the album for you.

Thank you TCC, I love you. :)

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