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Pieces Of A Real Heart
Posted December 07, 2010
By Nathan,

Since releasing Say It Loud on Sparrow records Sanctus Real has been a consistent voice is CCM. Hits like "Things Like You (Everyone's Everything)," "I'm Not Alright," and "We Need Each Other" have endeared pop lovers who enjoy the eternal prospective offered by the band. However while even I have attracted to the band solid pop rock fused with strong lyrics Sanctus Real has been on a slide (especially with their latest album, the dud, We Need Each Other). However with the group's fourth fifth album, Pieces Of A Real Heart, they intend to make that "had" over "has."

The Face Of Love wasn't as effective musically as it was just stirring emotionally with its often edgy chorus' and its lack of catchy pop tunes. We Need Each Other failed both musically and lyrically with it's awful light pop/ballad formula. However just the sound, which is reminiscent of older, Sanctus real, alone on Pieces Of A Real Heart, makes the album immediately better. Although the music isn't as enjoyable as Fight The Tide's audio, The pop/rock sound is generally more fluid than the previous two albums. The vocal hooks of Matt Hammitt have never been better, and tunes like "I'll Show You How To Live" and "The Way The World Turns" are smart. While songs like "Forgiven" and "Take Over" are not over achievers, the spunky "These Things Take Time" will take devoted fans back to Fight The Tide days in a good way.

However not everything is perfectly rosy here. Sanctus Real doesn't do any ground breaking and doesn't even test the waters with sounds which are new to even the band. In specific, "Till I Got To Know You” showcases the underachieving characteristics of Sanctus Real. Over the course of the years Sanctus Real has brought of social, personal, and vertical themes to their respective albums in a seemingly purposeful pattern. However, Pieces Of A Real Heart covers a lot of ground with their latest and doesn't dwell on a specific issue. The lyrical satisfaction of the project will depend heavily on the listener. While "I Want To Get Lost" (‘But right now I wanna get lost in you/Before I lose myself’) is pretty cliché lyrics, songs like "Dear Heart" and "The Redeemer" will enthrall some but alienate others.

It's unlikely that at the end of the day Pieces Of A Real Heart will be considered a the Best Sanctus Real Album. The past three Sanctus Real Albums hold something for everything Fight The Tide still stands alone with it's smart, thoughtful lyrics and fun upbeat music, The Face Of Love stands out with its melancholy artistic mood, and some people find We Need Each Other good (true story). So where does that leave Pieces Of A Real Heart? Probably as a in between album which will re-create the band's pop rock image some. So while the album might not be the best thing since sliced bread Sanctus Real fans will be pleased to have an album which at least features the best of what the group has to offer.

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