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The best of Reliant K
Posted November 02, 2009
By tyler1792,

Reliant k has been known for several hit songs over the years. This is definitly their best so far. I rate it only 4 stars due to the lack of spirituality on a couple of songs. Now, of course I may be misinterpreting this. Faking my Own Suicide doesn't exactly scream, "I'm a good Christian" in the face of the world. However, the smash hit(on Christian rock broadcasters) "I Need You" is a perfect example of how we all fall into the pit of our own despair and, in the end, end up crying out to God "I NEED YOU
!". I love, though, how they interwine faith based themes into their punk rock/power pop style.
They start out the album how they start out a lot of their albums, with a fun, nonsensical anthem in the form of "Pleading the Fifth". Then the punk rock comes in. "Come Right Out and Say it", "Up and Up", and "Taking you with me" all give you the music to dance to as well as music with a powerful message. They really rock out too! You might think that your listening to a kutless song in "I Need You". Overall, this album is the perfect mix of Reliant K genres.
In the end, I think that this album is a great example of how sometimes, in the midst of lifes troubles, we need to hang on to whats important in life. Again, this is all my opinion. I'm no expert on music. Everyone gets something different out of this album. I can't tell you how many times me and my brother have listened to this c.d. and found ourselves having a blast. I absolutely recommend this piece of musical mastery to any fan of fast, poppy, "rock out for God" music. Oh, by the way, " Crayons could melt on us for all I care" is an awesome idea for a song.

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