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Posted September 22, 2009
By jasoncolon21,

I've been a fellow Avalon fan for years now and I can say in my opinion that with each new album they release they just get better and better. Their newest album "Reborn" continues to prove that statement to be true. After listening to this album I was amazed to see the new direction they were taking musically. Don't get me wrong their music is sort of the same but there are some guitar moments or "rock moments" as I like to call them, in this album. The album for me was awesome from opening to finish and it has a nice flow of songs that leaves you clinging and wanting you to hear what song is next. Avalon is still Avalon in this album. They may have made a few member changes on this album but they still have the same great sound. An even better sound for that matter!

The first track "Reborn" is a great upbeat opener that'll have you singing along in no time. The next song "Come Alive" is a great, very catchy song. I definitely love the vocals on this song. Then comes the first radio single off the album "Arise". This is one of my very favorite songs on this album. I love the vocals, harmonies, music, and overall the message of this song. This song speaks to me the most because its a song of hope. We as Christians will at one point or another find ourselves down and out feeling like there's no answer and its the end of it all. But this is a song of encouragement to us. Arise because through Jesus there is always hope for us. As soon as I heard this song i fell in love with it. It is definitely #1 material!

The next few songs "Feel", "Fragile" and "Destined" are also great tracks. Great vocals and great messages on each one. Then comes my next favorite off of this album, the Greg Long led "Stay". This song is another that speaks to me a lot. Another beautifly sung song that is sung from God's point of view. This song lets us know that we have everything we need in Christ. Theres no need to run from him. We just need to stay where we are safe and where we will always be provided and that is with HIM. I love everything about this song and I feel that it has a high potential to be a #1 radio hit. In my opinion it should be the next single off of this album.

The next songs "Angels" and "California" are a few more great songs. "California" is definitely one that will stay in your head for a while. It has a great beat and chorus that'll have you singing the song over and over. Trust me I catch myself singing it a lot. It definitely has a great message as well.

The closing song on this album "Holy" is definitely Avalon at their best. This is definitely another song that proves that Avalon has still got it.

From beautiful lyrics, great vocals/harmonies, great uplifting songs and catchy catchy songs because trust me, these songs will cling to you and you'll find yourself singing them over and over, Avalon proves that they still have great potential. I was very impressed and impacted by this album and feel that for those who are definitely fans of Avalon you have to pick one up for yourself. For those who don't know Avalon, you will definitely rethink the group after hearing this album. Pick one up and give them a shot. This album is definitely worth the 5 stars! (It's actually worth 10 stars but the rating only goes up to 5 ;) )

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