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Needtobreathe Got Me Again....
Posted August 24, 2009
By Jcorkum,

The first time I listened to The Heat I was caught off guard because I began liking this band when I first bought Daylight, I can say The Heat was a perfect bridge to this album.

The Heat seemed to really bridge the style gap and prepare you for the southern offering that The Outsiders provides.

From 1-14 this is a great CD to listen too, it has grown on me big time after two full playthroughs just like The Heat did, musically and lyrically this is the band at their best and you can really tell they poured their hearts and souls into this disc even more so then The Heat which I felt was an extremely emotional CD.

Highlights: Something Beautiful, Garden, The Outsiders, Let Us Love, Lay Em Down, Stones Under Rushing Water

There wasnt a song on this CD I skipped over, big thumbs up.

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