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Posted May 26, 2009
By lordrings87,

Hillsong United returns after a two year hiatus from new musc with "Tear Down The Walls - Across The Earth". But how does it measure up against previous releases? I fear that in some peoples eyes, it may fail to meet expectations. How else could you top last years epic "I Heart Revolution"? You don't. And the members of HU know that all too well. So we are treated to a serious set of 12 truly great worship songs that dont try to beat any former HU albums, but almost totally departs from it!

The Album kicks off with the electro-rock anthem "Freedom Is Here", a good song but pales in comparison with whats to come. "No Reason To Hide" is a rather unconventional rock anthem that could make its way into the ever diversified church worship circuit. Just everything about it is right. "More Than Anything" follows suit with an unlikely sound, but infectious still.

"King of All Days" slows the album down a bit with beautiful lyrics and a church ready sound. "Desert Song" the previously released Brooke Ligertwood (formerly Fraser) penned song explores our prayers in all times of life, from Battle and Fire to times of Harvest... this is a truly wonderful song. "Oh You Bring" is another light tune that is simple but powerful. This song is one of my only dissapointments with the album because of something that I just can't put my finger on. It isnt horrible, but it just doesnt seem to hold your attention either. "Tear Down The Walls" is nice enough, and is the only other song where I take issue. It rings in at an epic 10+ minutes, but doesnt reach the same level as say "Saviour King". Its still a nice song, and keeps the flow of the album well.

"Soon" is the only other Brooke Ligertwood penned song on the album, which under normal circumstances would be relativley dissapointing, but this song is so wonderful it deserves a paragraph of its own. Lyrically alone it is not a departure from other HU material, HOWEVER it is the sound and presentation that makes it so genius. The sound of a solo Piano and tender female vocals has not been heard very often on the HU stage during any of their previous albums. Usually a guitar heavy, riff driven band delivers this VERY delicate song with ease and prestige. The song could have come off of one of Ligertwood's albums, but steers the band into uncomfortable territory, and I hope to hear more intimate songs like this on future projects.

The rest of the album does not require me to ramble on, but can be summed up in a simple word, Wonderous. I truly loved the rest of the album. From, "You Hold Me Now" to "Yours Forever". Pure worship and praise that will give new HU listeners a good listen and Current HU fans alot to love.

This album is just a pleasure to listen to, and if this points to new things to come, I can't wait!


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