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More Beautiful You
Posted June 09, 2009
By piano89,

Recent signee to INO Records, Jonny Diaz releases his latest project More Beautiful You, an album of acoustic pop in the vein of Shawn McDonald, Shane & Shane, and Warren Barfield. “Instead of focusing solely on the idea of God’s grace, More Beautiful You moves through many different aspects of the Christian faith,” says the singer/songwriter. “One theme that is prevalent throughout the record is truth. We are called to speak and live truth even in a culture that doesn’t agree.”

Our society often sends the message to young girls that they have to look a certain way
and dress a certain way in order to be beautiful. On the title-track, “More Beautiful You,”
Jonny exposes these lies in a similar manner as Jon McLaughlin’s “Beautiful Disaster”
and Chasen’s “Crazy Beautiful,” however; Jonny offers more spiritual substance than his
peers. “He will take your dark distorted view/and with His light He will show you the

With an acoustic/hip-hop vibe reminiscent of Brandon Heath’s rhythmic style, “Stand for
You” calls on Christians to take a stand for their faith. “In a world that tries to water
You down/Where beliefs cannot be spoken too loud/I’ll stand for the truth.”

The reggae-influenced “Love Like You Loved” is simply about loving others like Jesus
loves us. “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you” (John 15:12).

Jonny’s past efforts have often been likened to that of Bebo Norman. This comparison
doesn’t become fully apparent on the album until the last few tracks. “Waiting Room,”
“Prodigal Like Me,” and “See the Wind” all incorporate pop choruses sonically similar to
Bebo Norman’s music.

The closing track, “The Opening Act,” is a rather humorous, tongue-in-cheek tune giving
listeners a glimpse of what it’s like to be a relatively unknown concert opener. “Cause I’
m the opening act/Don’t get much time/Maybe four tracks or five at best… And if you
buy a CD well you’re enabling me to put bread on my plate/Take my wife on a date/Well
I better start now before you tune me out/But don’t forget about my myspace.”

Jonny Diaz has already experienced success, particularly on the radio, with his previous
independent endeavors. Now, with the backing of a major label, the singer/songwriter
will be able to reach out to more people with his music and the message of truth.

Christian music fans seem to be enjoying Jonny’s latest single “More Beautiful You;” the
song is steadily climbing up R&R’s Christian AC charts. I imagine that Jonny’s early
radio success is indicative of how his album will be received.

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