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Absolutely EPIC!
Posted April 07, 2009
By JJFrancesco_NRT, Staff Reviewer

I was blown away by Cities from the first to last note. There isn't one place I can find a weak spot. It is just sheer musical brilliance. From the moment "Debut" opens, I got the feel that I was listening to greatness.

Anberlin, without a doubt, knows how to make music. Whether it's blood pumping rock(Godspeed, A Whisper and a Clamor), upbeat pop(Adelaide), or even soft and slow songs(The Unwinding Cable Car, Inevitable), they give it all they have and the result is incredibly enjoyable.

Cities is an album of epic quality. But Anberlin saved the bets for last. They close the album with the epic near nine minute (*Fin). The song is a perfect example of musical brilliance. After many listens, it just seems to get better.

It's rare to see an album that is fantastic from start to finish. Most albums have at least one track that often finds itself being skipped over to get to another song. Not so with Cities, each and every time it is spun, there is nothing I wish to skip over. I simply cannot recommend this album anymore for fans of the genre.

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