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Posted February 15, 2009
By dakota10212,

their CD is awesome!!!!! a must buy!!!!

There are so many indie and praise/rock groups in the Christian market that most only get lost among the monotonous and mundane. Every so often, however, an artist breaks through the invisible barrier of the typical and the result can be absolutely amazing. The most recent band to do so is Sonsofday.

The vocals and lyrics on the band's debut, Fragile People are so honest and transparent that the only word that comes to mind to describe them is "human." Sonsofday is not a group of college age guys trying to become rock stars. Instead, they take the alternate route not taken by many in the music industry. They simply come to serve and encourage through their own experiences sharing them with the world. Sonsofday is a remarkable band that displays the best of what Christian music has to offer.

“Fragile People,” the title track and perhaps the most profound, is a perfect picture for their debut album crying out a plea asking for the world to turn to a hero to save the day, resulting in a movement and revolution. Other than the title track, the other highlight is the album's first single, “This Place.” "I am reaching out to you now/ I hope you hear my silent cry/ My heart is aching from this pain/ I wanna leave this place somehow" are the first words heard from the song, painting a beautiful picture of the narrator hanging on to God and relying on Him.

In conclusion, Sonsofday is a talented group of guys just serving God and being a light unto the world. This record is a nice choice for anyone looking for a band with spiritual relevance, great catchy hooks, or just a well-crafted pop/rock album. They are a promising act that could become a new leader in Christian music industry.

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