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Goin' Home by Whosoever South Goin' Home by Whosoever South
What do country, rap, gospel, and reggae music have in common? Two words: Whosoever South. Straight out of Southern Georgia, singers Rowdy Eunice, Sarah Eunice and Mike Mitchell embody each of these...
The Acoustic Sessions EP by Kari The Acoustic Sessions EP by Kari
Hailing all the way from Texas, Kari Jobe became a Christian at the young age of 5, and began singing at the even younger age of 3. Growing up in the church, she was no stranger to worship music....
Glory Songs by AMP Glory Songs by AMP
There are various styles and genres of music out there, and many artists can struggle with how to stand out. But AMP isn’t one of those artists. Comprised of three talented young men—Sam...

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No genre? No problem! | Posted April-26-2013
What do country, rap, gospel, and reggae music have in common? Two words: Whosoever South. Straight out of Southern Georgia, singers Rowdy Eunice, Sarah Eunice and Mike Mitchell embody each of these genres throughout their debut album, Goin' Home. Each song establishes a different feel, touches on a different genre, and ultimately contributes in setting this group apart from the rest. 


The multi-genre experience starts with the urban country track "Where We From." This opening song gives listeners a little insight as to where the three are from, and exclaims, "The road we on get a little bumpy, but it ain't nothin' cuz we country." Sticking with the same genre, "All The Time" is the next track and uses "This Little Light of Mine" as part of the chorus by singing, "This little light of mine / I'm goin' let it shine / Let it shine / All the time / Let it shine." The song is very upbeat and positive. The banjo and harmonica gives it the urban country feel, and makes it hard not to clap your hands with the chorus.


This is where the album takes a slight genre change to the more country-infused rap/hip-hop with the title track, "Goin' Home." The main message of the song is about their excitement to leave this Earth and go to Heaven. 


Surprise! It's another genre change. "That's Life" is more of that Southern Gospel feel, and speaks to the struggles we all face through life. This brings us to "Run Tha Race," which talks a lot about their background and hometown.


"I Know" is up next, and kind of slows things down a bit. It's got a deeper feel, and with the use of children as part of the chorus and speaking a prayer at the end, it really makes the song more sentimental and intimate. 


"Give My Life to You" is yet another deep song where the trio really opens up, shouting to God: "Lord You gave your life for sin / You hung up on that cross to save us all / The third day you rose again / I wanna give my life to You.


Reggae is the next genre on the list with "He Loves Me." The message here is simply that: "He Loves Me." This is my favorite song on the album. I love the slight reggae/hip-hop feel, and the chorus is extremely catchy. 


"Your Love" is a devotional ballad that praises God for His love. "It's Your love that lifts me high enough to reach harmony / I can't live without You / You are the very best part of me.


The closing track, entitled "He's Got It," is a perfect song to end the album. It's more like an anthem that encourages believers to get up and glorify God for all the ways He's blessed each of our lives. 


Closing Thoughts: 

Few artists are truly able to pull off multiple genres, especially within one album, but it's something Whosoever South makes look easy. With each song having a different feel, listeners will be sure to be constantly entertained. Their versatility caters to a wide array of people, and as long as they continue to do this, I am sure this won't be the last we see of the group.

Song to Download Now:

"Where We From" (Get it on iTunes here.)


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Laid Back Honesty | Posted September-09-2012
Hailing all the way from Texas, Kari Jobe became a Christian at the young age of 5, and began singing at the even younger age of 3. Growing up in the church, she was no stranger to worship music. Currently, she works alongside her father serving as the worship pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. 


Her passion for praise landed her two Dove Awards for her first album, Kari Jobe, and now she's back with The Acoustic Sessions EP, a compilation of songs from her most recent offering, Where I Find You.


Opening triumphant track "We Are" sets off an honest and real vibe. Throughout this song she reminds listeners: "We are the light of the world / We are the city on a hill / We are the light of the world / And we gotta let the light shine.


"Steady My Heart" takes on a more serious tone and definitely has a lot of depth. While listening, you almost feel as though you are reading Jobe's diary as she asks God why life's so messy and why pain is a part of our lives. I think this is definitely a song that many people can relate to. And it really reminds us that although life can get hard, we can (and should) always turn to God because He is the one who can steady our hearts. 


Up next is "Find You On My Knees," another serious, more intimate track, complete with repetitive piano chords and a chorus that almost causes you to open up and fall to your knees. "I will find You in the place amen / Find You when I'm at my end / Find You when there's nothing left of me to offer You except for brokenness."


The next song is where Kari proclaims that God is her "One Desire." It's her telling God: "Here I am / Just for You, only You / Here I stand / Wanting You, only You." It's another relatable song that speaks to giving yourself—your trust, your life, your old ways—up to God.   


"Here" is the closing track, and it is one of my favorites on this EP. It's like she's God speaking to His children singing: "Come and rest here / Come and lay your burdens down / Come and rest here / There is refuge for you now.

Closing Thoughts:

Before this album, I hadn't really heard much of Kari Jobe's music, but I have to say that I was pretty impressed after listening to this EP. As a Christian, I could really relate to the message each of her songs had to offer, and I think many people will feel the same way. I love the idea of having her other hits from Where I Find You presented in the calming acoustic format.

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A Style All Their Own | Posted August-16-2012
There are various styles and genres of music out there, and many artists can struggle with how to stand out. But AMP isn’t one of those artists. Comprised of three talented young men—Sam Ock, J. Han, and C.L.—AMP created a new genre when they first entered the music scene in 2010: worship hip-hop. Since then, they haven’t had much trouble in setting themselves apart from the rest, and are continuing to do so with their newest album, Glory Songs


The album starts with a perfect introduction stating, “I will live to make You known / to make You known across the earth,” with the opening track “Amplify.” This leads into the next track, “No Other Place.” With sounds similar to that of rap group Atmosphere, this song has a laid back feel and makes it difficult not to bob your head. 


My favorite track on the album opens with Native American windpipes in the background, and takes on a more serious tone. This is where AMP speaks to the “Beauty” God has provided: “I see the sun I see the moon shine / I see the rain I see the sunrise / I see the earth I see how it cries / And praise to You.


This leads into the next track that proclaims that God is “Everywhere.” “You Lift Me Up” starts with a beautiful piano ballad and is a more in-depth look at how God has affected the group’s life and how He has lifted them up to believe they can do anything. 


The serious tone is continued with “For the Day.” This track reminds me of an Eminem song with loud, honest, and real lyrics. As a listener, you can really feel the emotions of each group member, and their passion for the Lord. “No Turning Back” is exactly that. AMP proclaims that they “have decided to follow Jesus,” and there’s no turning back for them. 


There are many songs that focus on the meaning of the lamb, but “Worthy is the Lamb” is one of the best I’ve heard. The lyrics are deep and the chorus is catchy: “Worthy is the lamb worthy to be praised / Worthy is the lamb worthy to be praised / Worthy is the lamb worthy to be praised / He died and rose again / Forever His kingdom raise.” 


“New Creation” is up next and speaks to the feeling many of us have when God has finally made us new. “Your Word” asks listeners: “You wanna hear the voice of God? Then read it / If you wanna hear the living words to life? Then read it / If you wanna hear the written words to Christ, then read it.” 


The next track is another song praising God for the “Wonderful” things that God has provided. “People’s Song” is a great worshipful song that sounds like it includes a background chorus to help them shout: “Can you see the glory? / Can you see the glory? / Of our King over everything!” 


The closing song, entitled “Triumphant,” represents the actual triumph we all will have as “He’s comin’ back on His chariot to take us home.” 


Closing Thoughts:

AMP is back and not leaving anytime soon. With Glory Songs, it only validates and reiterates their unique and one-of-a-kind style. This album can easily serve as worshipful church songs, yet also it can appeal to a younger generation. I think if they continue on this path, they will be unstoppable. 

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Victory Abounds | Posted August-07-2012
Known as one-third of the writing and production team PAJAM, James J. Moss has certainly made his way in the modern gospel and soul music industry. After growing up and watching his father's group, Bill Moss and the Celestials, J. Moss was inspired to start his own career. 


After attending college, his yearning to write and record still remained. This led him to sign with Aviday Records, during which he met Paul "PDA" Allen and Walter Kearney, thus completing the PAJAM team. 


Following the release of The J. Moss Project, he released V2 in 2007, and Just James in 2009. The last time anyone heard from J. Moss was in 2010, with Remixed, Rare & Unreleased. But now, his fourth full-length studio album, The Other Side of Victory, brings 13 new songs into the mix. 


The album begins with the upbeat track that proclaims, "God's Got It." It touches on the common struggles of the human world: being unable pay rent, unable to afford gas, going through hard times, etc. The focus here is putting our trust into God and turning to Him because He is ultimately in control. 


J. Moss explains to listeners how he trusts God with "Imma Do It." At first listen, it really sounds like the beginning of a Kanye West song. But once you get into the heart of the song, Moss's focus stands apart as he talks more about his perseverance over worldly issues: "Even when they tell me no / Even when they say it ain't so / Even if they laugh at me / Even if they pass by me / Even if they hold me back / Even set me up for attack / Even if my eye can't see it / Imma trust God and believe it."


"Take Me" starts with repetitive piano chords and ultimately changes the pace from upbeat to slow and more intimate. This is where listeners really get to know J.Moss. During this track he poses the questions many of us ask: "Have I gone too far away from Your presence? / Oh, my God, I'm running back to You / Have I strayed away too far to hear what You say? / Oh, my God, I'm coming back to You.


With his next song, he asks God if he is "Strong Enough." This is another song where he discusses how to trust God again. 


J. Moss keeps the serious and intimate theme with "Good & Bad." During this song he gives praises to God for loving him through his good and bad. 


The next song is entitled, "Good Day," and features Kierra Sheard and Karen Clark Sheard. This catchy and upbeat track is one of my favorites on the album. If you're having a bad day, just play this track, and you can't help but shout: "I'm gonna have a good day / A good day / A good day.


"Caught Up In Love" is another song where J. Moss gives up the praises to God for the positive changes He has made in his life.  


"Shout" is the next song on the album, and this gospel hit displays Moss's tenor voice in all the right ways. With the backing choir vocals, you really feel like you are in the gospel church shouting out to God. 


The rhythm is changed yet again with this slower tempo song "You Did," which features James Fortune. My least favorite song on the album, I feel that it mostly consists of music rather than lyrics. And in turn, I think it lacks the spiritual punch the rest of the album has.  


"Holy Is Your Word" is the next track and sounds like an R&B song rather than a gospel song, until the choir vocals come into play. This is another song where you feel that you have walked into a gospel church.


Another one of my favorites on the album is called "Prayers" and features Gospel heavy hitters Hezekiah Walker and LFC & Dorinda Clark Cole. Within the first few seconds of the song, you are immediately inspired to clap your hands and tap your feet.  


"The Other Side of Victory" is the title track and is another song on my list of favorites. With the catchy chorus, this is where J.Moss reflects on his life and walk with God. 


The album closes with "Keep Your Head Up." I think this is a great ending to the album, with J. Moss encouraging listeners to press on through Christ.

Closing Thoughts:

Although J.Moss has already made quite the name for himself with his previous successes, The Other Side of Victory is only going to add to that. With 13 solid tracks complete with many well known featured artists, meaningful lyrics, and captivating choruses, this album is guaranteed to appeal to many fans, old and new. 

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A Two-Act Album | Posted August-06-2012
It is crazy to think how much one person can achieve in such a short amount of time. In just one year, Chris Cobbins went from unsigned, unknown artist, to being nominated for a Grammy for his work with Lecrae. With hit tracks such as "Medicine", "Twitter Love", and "Chase Me Down", Cobbins has definitely made his way in the Christian rap and hip-hop world. 


And he continues to do so by releasing his second album, Better: The Fan Appreciation Album. Complete with 11 new tracks, the album starts off with songs displaying his struggles without having God in his life. "Shooter" kicks off his album, and poses as a simple introduction. It features artist, Canon. "Hangover" is up next, and features PRo. This is one of the first tracks that set up the many struggles Cobbins struggled with. 


The theme continues with "No To Myself." This song features Ruslan, and speaks to the many temptations they, like many of us, are faced with, and the struggle to tell yourself no. It really touches on the selfishness we each experience.  


"Snackn," which features Corey Paul, switches things up a bit, representing a metaphor for getting caught up in worldly issues instead of focusing on God: "You know I could do better, but I do me / I need help to get outta my routine / And so I never take time to wait on a good meal, so I barely recognize what's real.


"Contagious" opens with a low beat, but bursts into loud and quicker beats. This easy-to-sing-along song makes it hard not to bob your head. "One Night Stand" is up next and speaks again of his temptations: "I'm addicted to the party, the night is calling me / I plan on rolling my last smoke and sippin' my last drink." Later in the song he sings: "I got this under control, I swear it's the last time / I just need to get my fix then I'll get back right.


At this point, this is where the album takes a huge turn. This is where listeners can really see a lot of lyrical depth from Cobbins. Sticking with the theme, it's as if he has put those old habits away, has been made new, and can finally "Breathe Again." This five-minute ballad featuring Butta P remains my favorite on the album, and is one that I feel that's relatable to many listeners. 


To continue with this change of pace, next up is "Believe in U." This simple and catchy song gives thanks to God. "In The Morning" is a beautiful song speaking to the woman who "gives herself away to someone who could never pay for what she's worth." 


Yet again the pace is changed with the upbeat ballad "Another One." Although the pace is changed, it does complete the theme of Cobbins being made new and proclaiming, "It's so beautiful to see a new day!"


The album closes with the title track, "Better," which goes perfectly with the album theme since Cobbins has been made "better" by God. "I think I'm better now / I, I, I, I, I, I think I'm better now.


Closing Thoughts: 

The first half of Better: The Fan Appreciation Album is slightly confusing and difficult to listen to at first. With songs including "Hangover" and "One Night Stand," I feel as though if listeners didn't play the entire album, his overall theme and message of struggling and then being made new would be completely lost. 


But once I reached the second half, it really captured my attention. It's here that Cobbins gets more in depth and opens up to his audience. The album takes a turn into the theme of being made new, and as a listener, these five relatable, catchy, and lyrically in-depth songs, make this album worth a listen.  

Song to Download Now:

"Breathe Again" (sign up through NoiseTrade for this free track)

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A Solid Introduction | Posted July-16-2012
Born and raised in the small town of Mobile, Ala., new artist, Katie Gustafson grew up around worship music. After moving to Nashville and becoming more involved in leading worship, she decided to write her own songs, and thus began the start of her music career. Introducing Katie Gustafson is an EP complete with seven songs written by her.


The opening track "Isaiah 55" is Gustafson's version of this well-known Bible verse. Although at first it resembles a Shania Twain-like sound, she ends up making it all her own. Her summary of Isaiah 55 really gives listeners who may struggle with it a better understanding and way of interpreting it. 


The second song is entitled, "Amazing God." This is one of my favorites on the EP. Although the lyrics are fairly simple, the chorus is extremely catchy. With her smooth voice and the upbeat tempo, you can't help but sing along and shout how amazing our God really is. 


 Another one of my favorites is "Beautiful Jesus (Love Over Me)." This song has a slower tempo, but immediately inspires you to have a more intimate setting with Jesus. 


Next is "Wonderful To Me." This track starts off sounding like an '80s movie soundtrack, but eventually Gustafson's style comes into play. Yet again another catchy chorus makes it hard not to sing along. 


"Hallelujah to The Lamb" starts off a little bit different than the previous tracks: without the guitar. The feel of the song is more intense and serious. Although this is my least favorite track, it brings it back to an Old Testament feel in stating "Hallelujah to the Lamb."


While listening to the next track she really catches your attention with her soft and quiet voice. "Be Still My Soul" reflects on something I think everyone has gone through: the struggle within your soul to calm down and know that God is going to take care of things.


The ending track is a perfect reflection on how everything goes back to God. "Back To You" is a beautiful song speaking of the joy God has brought not only to Gustafson, but also to all of us. It touches on her struggles when apart from God, but then speaks of how only He can fill her up, and so she is brought back to Him. 

Closing Thoughts:

Before reviewing this album, I had never heard of Katie Gustafson. I have to say that with a couple listens, I have quickly added her songs to my iPod. While her sound is catchy, I'd like to see a little more depth lyrically. Still, the catchy choruses and simple lyrics make Introducing Katie Gustafson a decent first album.

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