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Space Time Continuum by The Washington Projects Space Time Continuum by The Washington Projects
 This brother/sister duo is really awesome! I love Group 1 Crew and TobyMac, so this album instantly won my heart. Their unique blend of hip-hop soul, R&B, funk and pop is very clever and like...
Light Up The Dark by The Washington Projects Light Up The Dark by The Washington Projects
 The Christian hip hop genre is something that I've always been a huge fan of, but this brother/sister duo are a great find! Their super catchy songs remind me of Group 1 Crew and TobyMac, who are...
People & Songs, Opus 1 Collective by Jennie Lee People & Songs, Opus 1 Collective by Jennie Lee
 This album is a fantastiac compilation of worship songs written by Jennifer Lee Riddle. It includes some of the most iconic worship anthems, such as "Faithful", "When The Stars Burn...

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Excellent worship songs | Posted June-29-2012
 This new album from Jonathan Seller is packed with uplifting worship songs that could definitley be sung in your local church. This album reminds the listener of the reality that the Christian life is full of struggles. The songs bring you into the presence of God and make you feel ready to worship.

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Cool guy! | Posted June-29-2012
 Thanks to for telling us about this artist! He's got an amazing story, and it's true that God really does have a great sense of humour! He's another talented Christian hip hop artist with inspirational lyrics. Well done Shai Linne! 

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Great compilation! | Posted June-29-2012
 This album is a fantastiac compilation of worship songs written by Jennifer Lee Riddle. It includes some of the most iconic worship anthems, such as "Faithful", "When The Stars Burn Down" and "Revelation Song". This album is a must-have for worship fans! 

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Light Up The Dark Review | Posted June-29-2012
 The Christian hip hop genre is something that I've always been a huge fan of, but this brother/sister duo are a great find! Their super catchy songs remind me of Group 1 Crew and TobyMac, who are two of my favourite artists. Look out for these guys in the future! 

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Awesome! | Posted June-29-2012
 This brother/sister duo is really awesome! I love Group 1 Crew and TobyMac, so this album instantly won my heart. Their unique blend of hip-hop soul, R&B, funk and pop is very clever and like nothing I've heard before! I'll have to check out more of their stuff in the future.

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Great Live Project | Posted June-28-2012
 After hearing "God of This City" (which is one of my favourite worship songs) and then checking out some more of their tracks, I was really interested to hear Bluetree's live album. They are an amazing worship group that everyone should give a listen! 

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God of This City | Posted June-28-2012
 "God of This City" is one of my favourite worship songs of all time! Congratulations to the band for having Chris Tomlin cover the song as well. I'll have to check out the rest of the album and see if I like any of the other tracks! 

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Warr Acres: "Warr Acres" Review | Posted September-13-2011
Signed with Dream Records, Warr Acres are a new pop/rock worship group currently based in Oklahoma City, OK., but originally from a town of the same name. What began nearly ten years ago as a school worship band then became the successful worship team VMusic, and has now regenerated into the fresh, eclectic sound of Warr Acres. The dynamic message that the band has to offer is inspired by their weekly worship ministry at Victory Church, lead by Pastor Mark Crow. The band's self-titled debut album is filled with energetic and catchy pop/rock tunes and beautiful vocals from Kristy Starling, that are perfectly suited to youth groups and churches everywhere.


The album kicks off with the anthemic "Undignified", a fun and worshipful track that encourages Christians to worship God with wholeheartedness and passion. "We won’t, won’t stop shouting/Can’t stop our feet from moving/We don’t care who’s watching/We’re undignified." Listeners who are fans of fellow Dream label mates Press Play will love this song, as it features modern dance music and synthesizer effects. The following song "Sound The Alarm" maintains a similar sound, as it is an anthem that speaks of bringing light to the hopeless of the world. 


For the next two songs "You Are Joy" and "Maker of Miracles", the album kicks back into a pop/contemporary style and the electronic sounds are less prevalent. The passionate vocals displayed in the latter of these two songs is very enjoyable.  "Maker of Miracles" reminded me of a track by Natalie Grant, with its slow tempo and booming drums, as it acknowledges that Jesus still has the power to perform miracles in our world today. 


"Hymn of Remembrance" is a powerful song that features beautiful strings, as the lyrics reflect on the great faithfulness of God, and His ultimate sacrifice on the cross. "Hallelujah, rejoice my soul/Your unfailing love, forever/My deliverer, my strength, my rock/Your great faithfulness I remember."  The melody of this slow ballad makes it sound like a classic hymn. The upbeat "Shout Your Love" picks up the pace of the album, as it features an edgy guitar riff and funky electronic beats throughout the entire song. This is the most aggressive song off the album, and sure to become a fan favourite in the Warr Acres community. 


Musically, the first single "Heaven Bound" is the best that the album has to offer. Featuring pounding drums, synth keyboards and auto-tuned vocals from Lael Louthan, this upbeat song describes the overwhelming joy that we as Christians will feel as we arrive in heaven. Warr Acres slows down proceedings again with "Saviour, Crucified". Lyrically, its nothing that we haven't heard before in the worship scene, nevertheless it beautifully describes the selfless sacrifice of Jesus. 


Starling's vocals are truly displayed in "Hold To This Truth", an upbeat pop ballad that provides strength to believers in times of struggle. "Shadow of the Steeple" opens up with church bells before transitioning into a pop/rock tune. The lyrics resonate the message of the album; putting our faith into action and reaching out to the lost. Warr Acres concludes with "Our God Lives" , a song that opens with soft vocals from Jared Nix before gradually building up into a passionate choral anthem.


The debut self-titled album from Warr Acres certainly doesn't reflect the stylistic nature of the worship genre! The band has put a mainstream pop flavour into worship music, and that has worked well in this case. The convicting message of the album is encouraging for all listeners, both believers and non-believers. The immense vocal talent of Kristy Starling was very enjoyable. This album doesn't offer musical genius, however it does offer a diverse range of sounds that are often missing from modern worship music, and it's definetley one of the stronger releases from Dream Records. Fans of bands such as Planetshakers and Worth Dying For should not hesitate to give this album a thorough listen!

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Matt Redman: "10,000 Reasons" Review | Posted July-12-2011

If you visit just about any church, you will most likely be sining along to tunes written by Matt Redman. The prolific worship leader and Grammy® nominated songwriter has been producing music for the church for the past 15 years, with the songs "Blessed Be Your Name", "The Heart of Worship", "Better Is One Day" and "You Never Let Go" being among his most well-known material. Earlier this year, Matt Redman returned from his home in the UK to Atlanta, Georgia to record his new album 10,000 Reasonslive at LIFT: A Worship Leader Collective, a large gathering of worship leaders. This new live worship project offers a powerful reminder of God's faithfulness, and how He is worthy of our praise. 

10,000 Reasons opens up strongly with "We Are The Free", a passionate, upbeat anthem that speaks of the freedom we've found in knowing Jesus. "Here For You",  a song that made its initial appearance on the latest Passion album, is a slower worship anthem 
based on Mark 9:37 that speaks of welcoming God into our presence. The highlight of this song is definetley the catchy and worshipful chorus, "To You our hearts are open/Nothing here is hidden/You are our one desire/You alone are holy/Only You are worthy/God, let Your fire fall down." The live electricity of this song is phenomenal, as the congregation can be heard worshiping along.

"Holy" leans on the slower side of things, opening with a beautiful piano line before building up into a passionate worship anthem. Co-written by Jason Ingram, the lyrics wonderfully describe Jesus' beauty and holiness and the fact that he is like no other God. Lyrically, the title track "10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord" is truly amazing. Inspired by Psalm 103, it speaks of how there are 10,000 reasons for our soul to bless the Lord, which is the basis for the theme of the album.
 “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, Oh my soul worship His Holy Name, Sing like never before, Oh my soul, I’ll worship Your Holy Name.” In my opinion this song is, without a doubt, the standout off the album.

"Fires" is an energetic track that has the congregation enthusiastically clapping along, as it is a prayer that God would fill our heart with a passionate desire to serve Him. The first single "Never Once" is another highlight from the album, as it speaks of God's faithfulness, and offers a comforting reminder that he will never leave us or forsake us. The powerful chorus has Matt belting out, "Never once did we ever walk alone/Never once did you leave us on our own/You are faithful, God You are faithful."

Opening with pounding drums, "Where Would We Be" reminds the listener that we would be nowhere without the amazing love of Jesus, and how His love has rescued us from the darkness of the world. "We Could Change The World" kicks up the upbeat energy again, talking about how the world could be changed through the powerful love of God. The title of the song may be a little cliché, but the captivating message and anthemic vibe reconcile this fact. 

"Magnificent", featuring piercing lead guitar and techno keyboard effects, is a simple song of praise and awe towards God's magnificence. The upbeat "Oh This God" speaks of a deep desire to shine for God, and how he will reign until the very end of time. It was also lovely to hear a seemingly U2 influenced guitar solo near the end of the song.10,000 Reasons closes out with "Endless Hallelujah", a beautiful song that speaks of the hope of eternal life with Jesus. Comprised of beautiful piano and deep strings in the background, this song closes the album on the perfect note.

Matt Redman's 10,000 Reasons project is a fantastic live worship album that wonderfully displays his pure talent as a singer/songwriter and worship leader. Each song off the album is filled with joy and hope, and they really excite and inspire me to worship God. Unlike other worship leaders, Matt possesses this rare ability to keep his material original and imaginative, which is a testament to why he is so popular. Every single song from this album could easily be added to your Sunday morning set list. If you're a fan of Chris Tomlin, Tim Hughes, Hillsong LIVE and Delirious you should not hesitate to pick up this album, which is by far the #1 worship album of 2011!

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The Return of a Legend | Posted July-04-2011
After announcing his departure from the Newsboys in March 2009, one of the most well-known and unique voices in the industry, Peter Furler, returns with his debut solo album On Fire. After more than 7 million album sales, multiple Grammy® and Dove Award nominations and 25 No.1 hits with successful pop/rock band Newsboys, Peter confidently handed the group over to his band mates, as God lead him and his wife Summer to pack up their things and move to Florida. For the next two years, Peter found creative freedom to write what was placed on his heart. He soon announced work on a solo project, teaming up with acclaimed producer Steve Taylor, former Newsboys band mate Phil Joel and Seth Mosley from Me In Motion. This album is a testament to Peter's immense faith in God, his hard work and dedication to the industry and his pure talent as a musician.

Peter Furler's On Fire project opens up with "I'm Alive", a bouncy, enjoyable, techno influenced track that will please fans of Newsboys' earlier work. It is a song written in gratitude of our forgiveness and freedom. Following this song is the infectious first single "Reach", which is already a hit at Christian radio. This contagious modern pop tune reminds us that even though God created the heavens and the Earth, he cares for each of us individually. The powerful reminder in the message and the inspirational lyrics really set this song apart. "You reach for me / with a love quiets all my fears / You reach for me / like a Father wipes away the tears / so many people in this world / but i hear You calling out my name / You reach for me / now I'm never gonna be the same."

"Glory To The King" is a worshipful anthem written by Peter at his grandmother's funeral, speaking of the day when we will bow down to Jesus and our tears will be wiped away. Everything about this song is flawless, from Peter's incredible vocals to the heartfelt and emotional message. "Never Ending Love Song" is an upbeat, playful song that thanks God for all He has done for us, and talks about how we will never stop singing our love song to Him. The chorus had me singing along in no time, making this song one of the highlights from the album.

"Matter Of Faith" is a passionate rock anthem that speaks of having faith in God, saying that without faith it is impossible to truly believe in Him. The following song "All In Your Head" was my favourite from On Fire. With its pulsing bass line and catchy techno dance beat, this song encourages listeners to "forget what's behind and go where you're lead" by making the most of chances we get in life.

“Closer”, featuring Steve Taylor, is an infusion of funk/pop beats that asks the most relevant question of all, “Are you ready for the future?”. The diversity of sounds that are brought to the table in this song definitely make it worth the listen. Lyrically, “Faster and Louder” is autobiographical, following the story of the creative freedom Peter found when writing the album. The clever lyrics during the first verse add a comical perspective to the song, “Chill out / you’ve earned a break / time to start another page / artists of a certain age / writing ballads / eating salads // there must be something more / who we getting mellow for?”. Musically, this song ticks all the boxes through the catchy whistling incorporated with the melody throughout its entirety.

The following song “Psalm 23” was something that I found to be an interesting move from Peter Furler. It is literally the words of Psalm 23 married up with a pounding dance beat and auto tuned vocals, which is not necessarily bad in this case. Although the lyrics are not original, the manner in which Peter has musically altered the song is certainly remarkable! “Hold On” is an enjoyable pop/rock track that encourages the listener to “just believe” through the hard times that God will bring them through. The closing track “Greater Is He” acts as a fitting benediction to the album. Featuring guest vocals from Phil Joel and Bill Furler (Peter's father), this song ends the album in an upbeat, worshipful manner, a poignant reminder that God is powerful and worthy of all praise.

Peter Furler's debut solo album On Fire is certainly an enjoyable listen, and a must have album for 2011! It is an absolute joy to see a fellow Aussie and Christian music veteran back doing what he does best! This album's catchy techno flavour was extremely enjoyable and like nothing I've ever heard in the industry before. Peter Furler is back, and he's here to stay.

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