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Living Hope (Various Artists) by Various Artists Living Hope (Various Artists) by Various Artists
I heard about this on a Christian music news website (not I looked into it as I live in the Midwest.  It was nice to see a compilation album that was put together for an album...
Noel by Josh Noel by Josh
 Josh Wilson is a great musician that plays multiple instruments.  His albums have been a great mix of instruments and great vocals.  Josh doesn't disappoint with his first full length Christmas...
Music Inspired By The Story by Various Artists Music Inspired By The Story by Various Artists
Nicole Nordeman does a good job writing the lyrics for this album. I like that the album will point people to Scripture and help them see that that is the most important thing for them to read as...

The worship might be typical but the lyrics are great. | Posted July-27-2008
I first heard songs off this CD when I got three songs for free online. I loved the lyrics and the songs drew me into worship to God. The music is the often familiar modern worship rock music. However the lyrics make this group stand out. If you like Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, or the Passion Worship Band check out these Canadian guy's music.

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Step us from the first CD | Posted May-02-2008
This CD is a great new CD by Run Kid Run. Heard this CD on this website and liked it enough to buy it. I own their first CD "This Is Who We Are" and this CD is a step up from their last CD. The locals are sharper and the music is great. It is catchy rock music with great lyrics. The band has done a great job on this new CD.

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Very good new T&N rock band | Posted February-16-2008
I got this CD the day it came out. I had downloaded for free the song "Be Still And Breathe" and liked it a lot. The song grew on me and I was interested in the new CD. Many new bands are coming out now days and some of them I only like one or two songs by them. I took a chance on this new rock band and this CD did not disappoint me at all.

I like music that has driving guitars and drums. Their music is in the same line as Anberlin but of course different vocals.

If you like rock music and want to check out a great new Tooth and Nail band (which are often very good) check these guys out. I think it would be great to see them live sometime.

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Excellent Album | Posted January-29-2008
Foolish Things comes out with another album after the Inpop release of "Let's Not Forget The Story." Now an independent band they come out with a excellent album. I like their style of music and the lyrics are very good and thought provoking.

The songs "Fly" and "Flight" were previously on their earlier albums. They both sound great. The song "Even Now" is a great song and is one of my favorite songs on the album.

These guys have great hearts for serving the Lord as I've listened to their music and as I've talked to one of the guys at a concert.

Check out this great pop/rock album.

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Great music and lyrics. | Posted January-29-2008
Leeland's first album came out in August '06 and many people liked their sound and the genuine lyrics. "Tears of the Saints" off the last album has become a anthem that encourages Christians to reach out to the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This second album has come out somewhat fast after the last album so I was a little skeptical about it coming out so soon. After listening to the preview twice and reading the lyrics this album has great music and genuine, down to earth lyrics. I'm for sure going to get this album on CD.

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Worship music that is laid back and good. | Posted January-19-2008
This is a worship album that is great to listen to when you are taking it easy and reading a book or magazine. I like how the music is slow and then builds to some great lite rock music.

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Decent rock album. | Posted January-19-2008
This is a good rock album. They are a great live band. If you like rock music check it out.

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Great vocal, great music. | Posted November-08-2007
I saw this guy at a youth workers' convention and he did a great job leading us in worship. I picked up the CD at the convention. He has a great vocal and the music is a modern rock/praise and worship music. If you like Chris Tomlin's CDs check this one out. It is worth hearing.

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Like it better then the first CD. | Posted September-25-2007
This is a great CD. I like it better than their first CD which I liked a lot. It does have a great mixer of slow rock songs and upbeat rock songs. The lead singer has a great voice. If you like Christian pop/rock music check this CD out.

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Favorite TFK CD. | Posted September-15-2007
This is my favorite TFK CD. Of course it has "Rawkfist" on it and it is a great rock CD. I like all the songs on the CD. Get this CD if you like rock music.

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