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La Diferencia  EP by NEEDTOBREATHE La Diferencia EP by NEEDTOBREATHE
This is one of the best EPs out- Difference Maker has to be one of the most well written songs I've heard. SO good.  I hate that it's not available to download- I'm stuck listening to youtube versions...
Glorious Ruins Deluxe Edition by Hillsong Worship Glorious Ruins Deluxe Edition by Hillsong Worship
Normally I'm not a big HIllsongs fan because I think that they just crank out songs for the sake of cranking out songs HOWEVER this CD is full of songs that are powerful and creatively done- they aren't...
Need You Now by Plumb Need You Now by Plumb
Plumb has been one of those artists that either hits in right on the head or misses completely - This album is somewhere in between the two- She's not the same artist she was on Chaotic Resolve before-...

LOVE LOVE LOVE | Posted June-20-2012
Heard taste of eternity and it's just insanely good! Love the vibe that the band has- it's kinda atmospherical and amazing I am behind this band 100% If you like Bethel Music and that kind of vibe (Phil Wickham, Jeremy Riddle) You WILL LOVE THESE GUYS! 

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Ok | Posted April-17-2012
Like most Deluge albums,

It doesn't get good until the latter half of the record.

Don't get me wrong Lift High is a great opener- but it's ridiculously good guitar intro kind of belies the song.

Swell is  just an obnoxious sonic mess- the repetition of the lyrics in the verses just kinda kill the song. It's like a cheesy camp theme song. 

Coming on the Clouds again suffered from repetiton- and had a cool groove to it but there was just too much ridiculousness- the rapping? Seriously? 

Simple offering was good- reminiscent of "Worshipping You" 

All lovers of Jesus- was beautiful

He rose- this is what I'm talking about- fantastic song!  just a simple fantastic song

Healing is Here- again, stunning.

It's not their best- in the past- I've liked some of their faster songs- they just seem to be trying too hard to make "it" happen. They shine on the worshipful stuff.  

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An OK album that suffers from too many instrumentals | Posted April-11-2012
I've been listening to this album in my office today- and the one thing that became quite annoying- was all of the instrumentals. I guess you could say that with a title like Matin Vespers- you would expect a lot of sprawling lush soundscapes going on- and you get it- I love the lead singers voice, always have, I wish I could have heard more of his voice. The songs that ARE on the album are great. and the music of the instrumentals is beautiful- it just gets annyoing after a while.  

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Nothing new to say/slick pop beats | Posted April-05-2012
Self Esteem. Forgiveness. Female Empowerment. Becoming Who you are. 

Alot of the songs sound the same. So it's kinda one of those things that once you've heard one- you've heard them all. Buy it for your pre-teens! 

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NOISE | Posted April-05-2012

This really shouldn't be classified as music. Noise? yes, indeed. 

I mean the songs are mediocre in the first place- and if you are under the age of 15 and are never exposed to good music- then this is a 5 star album for you. However, if you think that a remix of a song should include something more than the addition of sonic elements- you won't want to pick up this album. 

Sonic bleeps and zooms added to the songs- mostly in the same arrangement as the original.

Showstopper is remixed to the point of obnoxiousness.

The only song that I was really feeling was "Tonight" with it's Benni Benassi intro feel. Until the pre-chorus came in. 


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OK Worship Album | Posted April-05-2012
It's an ok worship album. It lacks some of the passion and earnsty of the live versions of songs and seems canned but other than it- they are beautiful songs. The only song I don't like is the lead single- Ever Lifting. The oh oh's in the verse just don't sit well with me - the song could do without them. after a while they get annoying. 

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One of the Best Worship Albums of the year | Posted September-13-2011
Jeremy Riddle has always brought his A game when it comes to his albums. There are always a HUGE amount of songs that are just GOOD. No question about it. The passion and conviction that he sings with is just ridiculous (in a good way). The album opens with "Fall Afresh" which is totally good because it's like a prequel to "Furious"- it's absolutely amazing. Those two songs are made for a set list. 

I would have given this a higher score but the majority of the songs are not new songs but reworked from Bethel's stellar worship album, Be Lifted High. The tracks Furious, One Thing Remains, Love Came down (although I love Riddle's version more), You Are Good. 

Love "The Lord is my shepherd" so many times that beautiful psalms is reduced to cliches and bad music. Riddle elevates it. 

On a vocal standpoint: I'm always partial to a guy who's not afraid to use his falsetto...jeremy riddle goes for the high notes and pulls them off. 

Some good songs which more of them would have been NEW NEW. you know what i'm saying. 

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Downhere | Posted August-09-2011
I have always loved Downhere. This album has some good moments and some not so hot moments "Only the Beginning"... I still love the vocal trade off that they have going... some of the lyrics and song concepts are really overrated. BUT songs like "Let Me Rediscover You" and "Holy" are just beautiful. I love the playful feeling that they have with some of their music "Living the Dream".  

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Really? This is the level of creativity we have? | Posted August-09-2011

I  wasn't even really wanting to listen to this CD because of the horrendous album cover. The problem with this girl is that she has too many "story lyrics" .... there is no "hook" in the song- so alot of the songs aren't memorable. The music sounds like every other "urban/dance" artist. 

If you are looking for good pop/dance/urban music- go to Group 1 Crew- the lyrics are better- the music is better.

Comments (0)  |  Add Comment   | Is This Review Helpful? Yes | No | Posted August-09-2011
My expectations for this album were high based on the name alone: "The Brothers McClurg"- sounds hip, fresh, and indie....when I listened to the album - I got generic, trite, and pop. It's like Casting Crowns 2.0 

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