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No More Hurting People - Single by Marc No More Hurting People - Single by Marc

The music video for this song features images from Boston and other tragedies. It's kind of a pop song but still hopeful and pleading for peace, knowing it will happen someday when Christ returns. Check...

A Heart Revealed by A Heart Revealed by
I have to say, it was quite a bit of creative thinking that resolves this one. It was lovely seeing the other O'Connors again.  Julie Lessman writes well. However, it's not for everyone - if you skip...
 by by
This is the second man-on-death-row-is-he-innocent? book I've read recently. (The other was Randy Singer's "The Last Plea Bargain") I thought this was well-written, but sad too. There's two twists...

Exciting, but... | Posted November-14-2011
I enjoyed the action and adventure in this book, but I was able to figure out who the killer was so easily, and I've never been able to do that. Still, it's a great read because of the characters. You'll want to keep reading!

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Satisfied | Posted October-29-2011

"Courageous", from the hit movie of the same name, starts off this album with an impassioned plea to men, calling them to stand up for their families. While so many men have misguided, passive views of manhood, God desires them to be the leaders of their families and committed prayer warriors. When I first heard this song a few months ago, thanks to a free song download, I thought it sounded a lot like typical CC. Which isn't a bad thing; just not surprising. Next, "City On The Hill" is a sobering tale of what can happen when the church divides along ministry lines. When the foot is not a hand and the ear is not an eye. If we abandon God's people because our talents aren't welcome or we're not willing to allow someone else's, we flip the dimmer switch.

Though we are sinners saved by grace, we develop an unhealthy habit of judging without loving. "Jesus, Friend Of Sinners" is a modern-day repentant Pharisee's prayer for the eyes and heart of God to replace our blind and cold ones. If all the world ever sees of Jesus is us, it's no wonder there are so many lost people. "Already There" has a different sound from typical Crowns fare; the kind of radio-friendly pop that's typical of newer acts. A song that was made for the uncertain times we now live in, we are reminded that God sees the end from the beginning.

"The Well" calls everyone to leave everything that weighs them down and drink eternal life. Thematically similar to Tenth Avenue North's "Love Is Here", it's a gentle whisper drawing us away from death and futility to find rest in God's arms. "Spirit Wind" draws parallels between Ezekiel's vision of dry bones coming back to life and the need for the body of Christ to come alive again and reform as an army for God's work. I love the country flavour this song has; it brings to mind old-fashioned tent revivals and river baptisms. "Just Another Birthday" is a ballad about a love-starved girl who looked in the wrong places but finally finds true love in Christ. Megan Garrett provides the vocals for this heart-stirring song of redemption and hope.

"Wedding Day" elegantly describes the day the Bride of Christ is finally married to Him. The marriage theme continues with "Angel", Mark Hall's love song to his wife, Melanie. This is one Casting Crowns song that might even make it to mainstream radio airplay. It's so sweet and pure, and absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day. The mood swings dramatically from love to despair in "My Own Worst Enemy". Hall likens past sins to a zombie that has broken out of the grave and is in hot pursuit. (Except he doesn't use that word.) He asks Jesus to deliver him from the sins of his past and continually remind him that he has been redeemed. "Face Down" is the only song Hall did not co-write; fellow Crowns bandmate Hector Cervantes supplies this tender lyric, while the ladies sing this prayer of humility and submission. Lastly, "So Far To Find You" draws comparisons between his family's adoption of Hope, a little girl from China, and Christ's adoption of us as His children.

Once again, Casting Crowns is brutally and beautifully honest. About the cruel ironies and the unbelievable blessings of the world we live in; the value of our pursuits, and of the One who pursues us; what is worth dying for and what is worth living for. Come To The Well is an invitation to find real life, and if I were you, I'd definitely RSVP. The consequences of obeying the call are earth-shattering, and the benefits are limitless.

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Free gift! | Posted October-22-2011
I got this as a free gift....all it cost was the price of a stamp! It's a beautiful book but I haven't found any occasion to use it seriously...I've only skimmed through it. I think it would be cheap to read it all the way through like a novel.

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Ups and Downs | Posted October-22-2011
Who would've thought that Lizzie would have a story to rival Charity's for most tumultuous? Yet she does, in this emotional story that sheds a light on John Brady we never imagined. I'm just hoping that someday Rigan and Michael can find redemption too.

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Charity redeemed | Posted October-20-2011
I was so glad to see that Charity finally found the meaning of true love. The story had plot twists I didn't see coming and hard truths many books don't tackle. Purity is hard to hold on to, no matter what the culture is like. I enjoyed this book.

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Katie wins! | Posted October-17-2011
I read this book before the Daughters of Boston Series, and I have to say.....great story! Katie O'Connor finds true love in the last place she ever imagined. A story that proves that God can use what seems like a bad situation to bring about love.

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Rollercoaster | Posted October-17-2011
Faith's story keeps going up and down....I absolutely love this book, although sometimes it does get a little too....well....romantic. But I guess it's being realistic in its portrayal of trying to seek purity.  I love the O'Connor family. :)

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Intriguing | Posted September-24-2011
You'll be surprised at what happens in this book. The ending is not what I expected at all. But I feel so sorry for Cameron....Book of Days will inspire you with God's love and mercy. "Rooms" was better written though, I think.

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Awesome devotional | Posted September-12-2011
From the album of the same name, this devotional features more of the over 10K stories Matthew received. A book that if you read it through a year (52 chapters = 1 a week) will bless and inspire you - if you can wait that long. ;D I reviewed this in more depth for CMR.

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Awesome adventure! | Posted September-12-2011
I seriously loved this book! The adventure and the stakes are high, Colton and Piper are so great together,....and it was awesome to see everyone from Nightshade again. This is a TV show or movie if there ever was one. The characters are realistic and funny sometimes.

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