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Make Your Employee Feel Confident We have heard that word “empowering employees” many times, but do we fully aware of how to do it? Every case is unique when it comes to the empowerment of employees. Employers should see this issue in a broad spectrum. To develop more understanding between you and your employees, make sure you understand your employees and the nature of the project. Check yourself by this simple quiz. Let suppose, you are a manager of the leader of new project. The leader has worked as a data analyst for four years. He will oversee two people’s work in his team besides five contributors belong to other departments. Now according to you, in which circumstances the project will get more successes? 1- You provide him clarion directions with a follow-up email documentation of the work for it in time completion within the deadline. You give him freedom to deal with it and report back to you on due dates. 2- You provide him directions and keep a check on his work on regular basis. You interact with his staff and other contributors to know whether they received optimal directions. You stay up with him to oversee the project even when your new manager cannot stay up with you. What did you select? A or B? Interestingly, both options are wrong. In the situation A, you are not involved in the project. Neither you are communicating nor are you doing anything else to check the project manager. In this case, bear in mind that you will be accused if the project fails. In case of B, you are not building confidence in your project leader. By checking his staff persons you are undermining his authority. By doing so, you are making him frustrated. May be because of this he doesn’t stay up late to supervise the overtime staff. Instead of giving him guidance you are performing his work. This attitude may raise the feeling of unadjusted new member in the mind of your leader. To make your new employee successful, you should empower them. Following are some important tips that should help you in empowering your employee, here you go: Demonstrate Confidence Make sure that you have enough confidence on your employee before assigning them any position. Make sure he has enough knowledge, right skills and resources to fulfill the assigned job. It’s better to discuss these matters with your employee. Expectations Make your employee realize that what do you expect from him and what are the department goals that you want them to work accordingly. Steady & Healthy Communication Make sure that you have a steady and healthy communication with your employee. Communication plays important role in work goals and department. Share and sort out problems together. Micromanagement & support Your employee’s success depends on how you micromanage things for him. Don’t undermine your employee’s authority. Employee accountability Make sure the accountability of your employee. If he is not putting enough efforts then bring him into accountability. If you find him stuck at any point then it is your duty to guide him. But make sure you allow him to handle the project alone. All above tips are useful for empowering employees and to build confidence in them. The more you establish a clear understanding between you and your employee the more make them successful. Lynette Bobbitt has PhD in psychology and social studies. Also Lynette has experience in HR management more 5 years. Lynette writes articles in free time for paper writing online service Tutoriage.com.

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