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May 26, 2011, 20:00PM 
Still a pretty awesome pic, either way! ;)
And thanks! I will. The forums are awesome. ;P God bless!

May 22, 2011, 20:08PM 
Hi! :D
Thanks for the add. Glad to be friends. I LOVE your profile picture, btw! It's so cool! :O Did you take it? God bless!
November 25, 2010, 21:22PM 
No problem. :)
November 22, 2010, 15:19PM 
ahh... don't worry, i'm still here! :D just been a really crazy week... :0 so much stuff going on of late... :0
November 19, 2010, 14:43PM 
well, hey there!! :D
November 16, 2010, 01:29AM 
Hey there

Your welcome for adding you. That is good you like a wide range of music including different genres in Christian Music. I am the same way as you can see from my big playlist I got on my profile. Check it out when you can and add any songs you like or love a lot on my playlist. Also check out Last FM as it is a website that records the music you listen to as you can create your own profile on there then just download the plugin for whatever you listen to music to like windows media player or many others. If you decide to go on Last FM then just add me as a friend on there through my Last FM thing on my profile. That is all. Bye.
November 14, 2010, 00:24AM 
Hey there

Thanks for the friend request. Nice profile you got there. Nice profile picture too. Nice playlist you got there. I am guessing you still got to add more songs to that playlist when ever you get a chance to. Bye.
August 20, 2010, 15:44PM 
Thanks! :D i feel so touched and special that you'd think that! :D i don't think they were all trying to be mean, but at times things don't always come out very well.. ;)

sure i enjoy the points, but there's more than just the points that i'm here for! :D i've seriously got more points now then i'll probably ever spend! :D

and like you said, the Bible's full of some pretty zany characters! :D the world just needs a few of 'em to keep things interesting! :D
July 10, 2010, 17:45PM 
that's good! :D

My next few weeks are going to be crazy.... =/
Detassling for two weeks, camp for a week, then dorm staff at camp for two weeks... but it's all fun and makes good memories while hanging with friends... :D
July 06, 2010, 20:28PM 
Yeah... lol ;]

But sometimes we like to try over and over again... lol ;]

I like the one where you have to crawl through the ducts to get to the library... that's fun... :D

How are you?
July 03, 2010, 20:45PM 
We haven't played all of them... :(

And we go there where ever none of us can get an answer... or aren't thinking .... lol :]
July 03, 2010, 18:40PM 

no problem... :D

I see you love ND PCgames... my siblings and I enjoy playing those together and helping each other since we all think just slightly different it helps us to get through tough spots... :D

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