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July 30, 2009, 21:26PM 
Thanks for the friend request.
July 12, 2009, 14:12PM 
I'm doing great! Thanks for asking. How are you doing?
July 09, 2009, 09:58AM
July 06, 2009, 12:23PM 
You were already on my list. Thanks! :)
July 05, 2009, 20:07PM 
Yeah, I know what you mean. Personally, I'll listen to a bit of everything (and I'm not just saying that either), but I do enjoy good synth, whether it's in a hardcore song or a dance song.

On another note, I saw this on Twitter earlier and thought you might want to check it out:
July 03, 2009, 10:55AM 
Well, Josiah thats you if you ever try to eat my cookie. : P jk jk
July 01, 2009, 22:19PM 
Hey, thanks for adding me! It's nice to know I'm the only one who loves some good dance beats once and a while. ;)
June 30, 2009, 16:42PM 
hi! thanks for adding me as a friend.
June 25, 2009, 21:08PM 
haha woospie daisy.. I meant tape you to a wall. upside down.

I'm sure I've mentioned this form of torture before....
June 25, 2009, 21:06PM 
oh hello Joshua.. haha.. srry :P :P :P :P
Ohhh :( why not?? :'(
Chyessss!! Sooo fun!! So mr.! I hear your being mean to your lil sis!!!!! I tell ya, if I could I'd tape you (with duct tape, might I add..) and tap on your toes and forehead with a teaspooon all day, ever day, for the rest of you life!!!
anddddd dude can you pm me your guys' address?? I felt so bad for not having anything for you guys yesterday, so I now have stuff for you guys but need an address to mail it to!! :P

so yeah! talk to you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!! :)

June 24, 2009, 20:54PM 
hello mr. model!
thanks for all the fun today!! Can't wait to see you guys again.. and talk on da telleeeephoneeeee lotssssss!!! :)
have a precious night, brother!
June 19, 2009, 17:18PM 
okay, dude what should we do next week?????
June 19, 2009, 15:50PM 
Aww that sucks:( tell her I said hi!!!!!!
June 19, 2009, 10:54AM 
WOW!!! Awesomeeeee!!!! :P
haha okay!
June 16, 2009, 15:21PM 
hey whats up!?
June 06, 2009, 12:12PM 
hmm.. well.. I finished my school FOR THE YEAR yesterday!!!:D I'm like sooo happy! And.... my uncle was in an accident in Indonesia (he & his family are missionaries there) & has got a pretty bad concusion.. doesn't remember much of what happened & keeps saying stuff over & over:( so if you could pray for him that'd be sweellll!
and... my grandma's here for the weekend.. its.. intereeessstttiiinngg...
and I think I needa dye my hair again.. Lime green would rock.
June 01, 2009, 12:34PM 
Yo! Wassup!?
May 28, 2009, 00:18AM 
Okay I just have to ask whyyyy its called 'Dance Machine' if there's no dancin'.. :P
hahaa.. well.. we'll see:):P
Sweet! So you gonna be Hollywoods next biggest producer/actor/director/musical fruitloop!? hehee!
May 27, 2009, 00:07AM 

hope you're doin well :)
May 25, 2009, 14:38PM 
THAT'S AWESOME DUDE!!! Sounds like a lota work!!
haha.. yeah no I can NOT dance. For the life of me!
Like not at all, whatsoever!!:P & if I DO dance I have to be on an absolute sugar-energy high!
so yeah, there ya go:P
WICKED! I will fo sho!!!!:)
I can't wait to see them allllll!!!:D:D:DD:D
May 25, 2009, 11:51AM 
I WILL FO SHO!!!!!!!!:D
Wicckkkeedd! I can't wait to see it!!!:D
so like when did you guys start filiming Dance Machine?
May 23, 2009, 16:28PM 
Well I'm more excited than you areeeeeeeee!!!!!:D:D:DD::D:D:D:D I got like halfway through Dance Machine yesterday!!!!! Its seriously AMAZING! And I had 'Breakout' stuck in my head alllllllllll day. It was making Nell want to tape my mouth shut.. anyway! Can't wait to finish it!!!!!
May 21, 2009, 13:29PM 
heyyyyyyyy bubbykins!
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaackkk!!!:D
I had SOOOOOOOOOOOo much fun and spent like wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much $$ but now I've got some more rockin' clothes so it kind of evens it out.. :D

WICKED!!! I started watching it the othernight but didn't get a chance to finish it! :( I'll be watching allll of it super soon (hopefully!) though!:DCan't wait!!

Does your school take joy in making you all work out like robots or somefin? Didn't you guys just have a Hell Hour thingy?
Lol, yeah it ain't my thing either. I'd rather just be lazy!

I KNOW!! ISN'T IT AMAZING!!!!???!? I'm so happy! hehe me's catching up to youuuuuu!!!
YAYYY!!!! I'M SO FREAKISHLY EXCITED!!!!! Can't wait to see you,too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
okie sorry its so long!
talk to you latteeerrrrrrrrrr!
May 14, 2009, 00:20AM 
yo Josiah (hehe it feels so weird calling you dat!)
just saying BYEEEEEEE!!!
cause I'm leaving tomorrow!
Have da flippin bestest weekend evvaaa! Hope the premier for Dance Machine goes GREAT! I'm so sorry I'm not gonna be able to watch it on Friday night.. I'll be at the ball game! Will it still be on your website when I get back?
Anyways! talk to you when I get back! And don't you go pickin' on your lil sis or I'll hang a lickin' on ya! jk jk.... ;)
May 05, 2009, 22:56PM 
LOL, well I'm still gonna call you sam.. and Josiah. someimtes, when me feels like it. :P

WIIIIIICKEDD!!! I can't wait!! omg! really!?SWEEEET!

ohh! and I was like supposed to tell you this like weeeeeks ago but Nell was at the hunting convention and she said that there was this guy there that was like sooo much like you & evan that it was scary. yep anyways, don't shoot, me I'm only the messenger!

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