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No Other Heroes Album review via JamTheHype.com | Posted March 08, 2013
Yes, ladies and gents he's back! Your favorite bearded emcee Brinson will soon be releasing his 3rd solo album on Godchaserz Entertainment entitled No Other Heroes, and guess who has an advanced copy?

The Jacksonville, FL native is most known for his energetic, southern anthems with its infectious hooks along with heavy production. No Other Heroes seems to follow suit, or at least I thought...

Brinson opens No Other Heroes with what I thought to be a cliché' title, "Chase God," but turns out the song is anything but. Juice2020 provides the sonic landscape while Brinson reminds us who and what he is, a Godchaser.

The 2nd song entitled "3D Standout" featuring Jai isn't your typical southern 808 free for all but a well thought out song in content and delivery. Jai adds her touch of hook smashing ability and makes this a memorable track on No Other Heroes.

The 3rd song our bearded crusader offers us is the experimental dance anthem, "Hit the Floor," produced by Bakazman. Brinson comes out firing with lines, "I come back chasing God again/ with a freestyle floor snatch you out of sin." This track moves a hundred miles an hour, and you will be out of breath listening to it, much less dancing to it.

The 4th song is where the album takes a surprising turn. Brinson, who's not known for his story telling ability, offers us the track "Gold” which tells the tale of a man who lost everything pursuing worldly treasure. Chris Searcy provides an infectious and cautionary hook explaining that everything that glitters isn't gold.

The 5th song, "Not Too Far," features Rossi and contestant Niki Dawson from the hit TV competition The Voice. This song almost serves as a follow up to "Gold," encouraging the listener that no matter how far you've strayed, it's never too far for God to reach you. This song instantly became one of my favorites.

Brinson boldly held down No Other Heroes by himself lyrically and it's not until the 6th song that we hear from another rapper besides the bearded wonder himself. Brinson and fellow Godchaser Cstraight, set the record straight (pun intended) by letting us know we don't have to be famous for God to use us. This song is extremely lavish in lyrical acrobatics where Brinson shines immensely.

Other emcees featured on No Other Heroes includes Champ on the southern swag-a-thon "All the Way Jesus," and Brinson calls on the lyrically adept Readywriter on "Nobody."

Track 9, entitled "Bodyguard," is a southern trunk rattler produced by TyShane/808 & Elite. On this banger, Brinson tells all the haters and naysayers that Jesus is his bodyguard. It's rumored that this song was written in response to a 'dis record, but after talking with Brinson, he confirms the song actually comes from Psalm 91. Sadly, I know some of you are disappointed...sheesh!

Towards the end of the album, Brinson kicks his rhythmic evangelism into overdrive with "Last Time," featuring Christian hip-hop's newest crooner, Uncle Reese. Brinson speaks candidly about not always getting it right and falling short in his walk. With lines like "I know I'm far from perfect working out my kinks/ and every time I miss the mark think of his suffering...," the listener will not feel alone. I related to this song and felt very encouraged. Amen!

The last song again shows off the newfound story telling ability on "Should Have Told Em.” Brinson tells the story of a childhood friend he never shared the gospel with because of fear and shame. Not knowing that his friend would lose his life to violence, Brinson describes the hurt and pain he felt because he had the answer and refused to share it. This is easily the most moving track on the entire project.

No Other Heroes strays from the lower region dynamite that we've come to expect from Brinson, but this is his most lyrically, artistically, and ministerially sound album to date.

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