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Hi! I haven't posted for a while. Just wanted to stop in to remind you to check out some of my favorite bands right now such as Righteous Vendetta, We As Human, Victory Heights, Thousand Foot Krutch, and The Protest. They are all rocking awesome! While you are at it, find Mark and The Owls along with Hunter Dumped Us Here. You won't regret a moment of it1
Posted 11.19.14 at 10:34PM | Comments

Just thinking...I have always wanted to have a venue with a house band called Bacon.... The posters would be so fun! Skillet with Bacon, Righteous Vendetta with Bacon, Plumb with Bacon, and so on. hahahaha
Posted 10.17.14 at 09:43AM | Comments

Hi! What is on your to do list today? Which band is going to keep you company while you do it? Righteous Vendetta, We As Human, and Thousand Foot Krutch are on my playlist as I work today!
Posted 10.17.14 at 09:26AM | Comments

Hey there! Check out Toddiefunk & the Band7! They are rocking old time funk in a whole new way! With all original music, don't miss them! Playing monthly at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville!
Posted 08.06.14 at 9:42PM | Comments

Wow! The Christian music scene in Iowa is really taking off! I am so honored to be a part of it! Let's get out there and do some teaching!!
Posted 07.31.14 at 2:23PM | Comments

REALFest was a blast! So many incredible artists all in the same spot! Plumb, for King and Country, Mark Schultz, Everfound...all pulled super performances. The other artists were excellent as well and the variety in music styles was tasteful and pleasant to hear. To Be A Man is up next followed by I Cry Wolfe, Toddifunk & the Band7 as well as It Lies Within in August! TRU SERVA will be rocking the house soon as well!! What an action packed adventure!
Posted 07.28.14 at 10:57AM | Comments

wow! what an awesome weekend full of fun and incredible music!!! Now it is time to catch up on all of the awesomeness that came to my inbox over that time. :-) It's gonna be a blessed day!
Posted 07.16.14 at 12:38AM | Comments

Next up for Iowa will be the Iowa Trio: Promiseland Festival, Ottumwa, IA July 11/12; Collide Festival, Waukee, IA July 12/13; and Thrive, Mason City, IA July 11/12...followed by REALFest, Carroll, IA July 25-27
Posted 06.23.14 at 11:01PM | Comments

Bash On The Farm was a great time!!! It was a bittersweet year though as we said good-bye to many bands who have been a solid tradition at Bash, but at the same time, many doors are opening for other artists to fill those spots. If you are interested in playing Bash On The Farm 2015, keep a watch for when applications will begin being accepted. :-) probably in January!
Posted 06.23.14 at 10:45PM | Comments

Festival planning, festival planning...so much to learn in festival planning! websites, powerpoints, social media and more...oh what fun it is to learn and plan festivals galore!! Hehehehehe...I love my job!
Posted 06.15.14 at 11:10PM | Comments

mindo210 at 11:16PM on 06.15.14
This post is written to the tune of the Picture Pages song on Bule's Clues :-)

mindo210 at 11:15PM on 06.15.14
This post is written to the tune of the Picture Pages song on Bule's Clues :-)

Connection Music Festival was sooo awesome! I am stoked for next year as I can't wait to see who comes to IOWA!!! Next up, RISE Fest in Sheldon, IA this weekend followed by Bash On The Farm next weekend. :-) Yahoo!
Posted 06.13.14 at 7:48PM | Comments

So excited to attend Connection Music Festival June 8! Bread of Stone, 7eventh Time Down, and Rhett Walker Band along with locals Echo and As Clouds Break! What an awesome mix of genres...and a super line up for this first time festival in Norwalk, IA!
Posted 06.07.14 at 11:33PM | Comments

For anyone interested, I love way too many of the artists on here in all of the categories to become a fan of each of them personally. If you want to get to know me better or to chat, I'd be happy to do so. Please contact me to find out who and what I like for music :-)
Posted 06.06.14 at 11:25AM | Comments

Today is a great day as I focus on God and what He has planned for it. It appears to be lots of festival planning mixed with some serious time in the word. I'm so stoked to see what my Daddy has for me! Time to dive in and see and hear what the plan is :-)
Posted 06.06.14 at 10:40AM | Comments

What a beautiful day it is today! Thunderstorms washed away the dirt and now everything is shiny and fresh...kind of like when God washes out all of our dirt! Maybe a little spring cleaning is in order! :-)
Posted 05.28.14 at 09:22AM | Comments

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