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Age: 27
Gender: F
Relationship: Looking
Location: Zionsville, Indiana
Occupation: High School
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: "It says THIN mints on the box! They MUST be good for you!"
Favorite Music: Pretty much everything.
Interests: Sleeping on the floor, chocolate milk, procrastinating, listening to music, friends

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March 23, 2010, 00:32AM
August 17, 2009, 18:45PM
thanks, dear. :)
August 11, 2009, 10:00AM
Oh, and I fergot about Eva's school thing- that's crazy! although I would like that a lot better, I bet. I'm too lazy to want to move every 45 minutes. and it wouldn't be that bad if you got to sit next to your friends all day! XD
August 11, 2009, 09:57AM
omgosh! I hope Breezy's okay! I'll be praying for her! Yeah, stupid economy. I don't think it's gonna get better any time soon either. By the time we're our parents' age, everyone will prolly be living in cardboard boxes! =/ But yeah, I guess we really should be thankful. Hm, Monday night I ate Eggos and watched Ratatouille. yay! :) oooh, shopping sounds really fun! I wish I could go with you on Wednesday, but Mom has to work, and I hafta to go to school the next day... stupid school! arg! BUT i will be seeing you on friday, RIGHT? please say yes! pleaseeeeeee! anywhoo, I'm really excited; I'll getting my hair done today at 3pm. yay! so hopefully that will go smoothly. Our school is having picture day NEXT TUESDAY! o_O isn't that crazy? It's like, "Hello, welcome to school! *SNAPS PICTURE* Next please!" so anyways, I think that's kinda weird.
So I better stop writing a novel as well. iloveyoulots&lots&lotsXinfinity.
August 07, 2009, 19:21PM
I'm doing all right. I am NOT happy about going to school next week though! sadness! But I got some new school clothes today!! happyness! And I entered a tshirt contest... you prolly know that, but if you didn't, I sent you an email about it. :) so... how about you? enjoying your vacation? haha, duh, right?


zvillegrl22 Is...
FINALLY back on, after a REALLY really long time
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listening to music
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Shtresshed. Verrry very shtresshed.
Posted 09.10.09 at 6:19PM | Status History

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About Me
I'm so popular and I have so many friends and my house is huge and I have my own car and I'm rich and my boyfriend is like, SO hot and seriously? Shoes. Ehmagawd, shoes are like, my life.

Just kidding.

I like to sleep, and I like chocolate, and I like to take my friends to the movies. I also love animals, and I like to talk, and I rarely get out of my pajamas, and I want to see the world and my family means everything to me.

So there.

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