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Age: 33
Gender: M
Relationship: Married
Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Occupation: Musician
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: ""
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wowband Is...

About Me
W.alk O.n W.ater®™ Established May 2000, was formerly known as September which was founded in July 1998. On May 17, 2000 John L. decided to change the name to W.alk O.n W.ater®™. He then started booking shows and performing live instead of the old routine which was playing only for family and private parties.

In May of 2000, W.alk O.n W.ater®™ had 2 members John Lewandowski & Alex Klosiewski after losing Jacob Lubinski from the original band. From May 2000-October 2006, John & Alex played many shows spanning 3 tours. Playing all over Wisconsin in churches,garages,basements,events,doing private show's & as always shows throughout the year for family.

In 2005, W.alk O.n W.ater®™ released their 1st CD, "Calming the Storm" & then in November 2006, W.alk O.n W.ater®™ became solo as John & Alex were both too busy with life & lived too far apart. Even though W.alk O.n W.ater®™ was now solo, John wasn't discouraged. In 2006 we stopped touring and started only doing shows for family.

In December 2006, John planned a new solo tour. What John didn't know is that the tour would become a tradition and a part of W.alk O.n W.ater®™ that still goes on. The 1st Annual W.alk O.n W.ater®™ Blizzard Tour began and ended up featuring 4 shows in 3 different areas of the state.

In late 2007 a new birth happened and a CD Single "Ultimatum®™" was released following a short 2007 tour called "Reloaded". Finally in 2008 HG Records®™ I signed with & NEMESIS Publishings®™ became Nemesis Studios®™ /Publishings®™ and the contract for "Memories®™ " was scheduled to be released.

In Fall 2008 I realized I had to re-record the whole entire album. In January 2009 we went into Nemesis Studios®™ and by April was done re-recording and were onto the Editing studio. Through April&May HG Records®™ edited the album and it was dubbed "Memories 2.0®™ ," Seeing as it had all the same songs and a few added!!!

In June 2009 Pre-Ordering began and we began our annual 3rd Big Bang tour and scheduled it to start in July. The first big bang tour kicked off in 2007 in South Milwaukee, WI and the second in 2008 was at Waukesha,WI. This tour in 2009 was different. As technology changes we figured why not and only scheduled 4 live shows through the 2009 Big Bang Tour. We decided to begin a new direction and thanks in big help to Justin TV, made our Internet LIVE Show Debut on July 1, 2009. We began our first show with a bang of 28 views. Our LIVE shows consisted of Menomonee Falls, WI and Pewaukee, WI. However due to a Injury 2 1/2 weeks before the end of the tour, almost all of the remaining were cancelled. The remaining 3 shows went as planned. We ended July on a bang with Justin TV now as our sponsor for Online Shows.
So with the 2009 3rd Annual Big Bang Tour wraped up we ended with 3 LIVE Shows and 2 1/4 weeks of Online Shows in partner with Justin TV.

By the end of it our online viewing for the Big Bang Tour online shows reached #1,159 VIEWS for the Online Shows. At the end of July, we went to HG Studios and sorted out our 3rd Album Contract. On August 3, 2009 the deal was signed with HG Studios as our Major Record Label & NEMESIS Studios®™ /Publishings®™ , Backing the recording and editing of our 2nd album with them.

Then in September 2010 W.alk O.n W.ater®™ decided that after 2 long years without a break that they needed to take one.

In March 2011 W.alk O.n W.ater®™ finally released it's first news in 6 months. They were back and ready to make more music with new members added to the band. Then on April 19th, the biggest news was announced about a new contract. NEMESIS Studio®™ / Publishing®™ & HG-Records®™ (Home Grown Records®™ ) announced that the contract had been signed till 2015, that there would be a switch in genre to Christian Alternative/Rock, & for at last 2 more albums.

On April 22nd 2011, W.alk O.n W.ater®™ released that the NEW Album's will be entitled "REVELATIONS®™ " and "COMING BACK TO YOU®™ ."

W.alk O.n W.ater®™, Is Signed By:
NEMESIS Studios®™ & HG Records®™ (Home-Grown Records®™)
First Signed May 2000-05,Contract Renewed 2005-10,'12,2013-2015.

Copyrighted © 2013 W.alk O.n W.ater®™. September®™1998-2000. John P Lewandowski,September®™. Revised/Renewed/Adapted/New Band Name Copyright © 2000-2004, Rev.2005, Rev. 2006-07, Rev. 2008, Rev. 2009-10, Revised/Adapted/Renewed Copyright © 2012-2015. John P Lewandowski,W.alk O.n W.ater®™. Copyright Holder "John P Lewandowski", "W.alk O.n W.ater®™." All materials are owned by "John Paul Lewandowski," "W.alk O.n W.ater®™." Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.USA#101205.2,USA#070812.1., USA#121150.1.1,USA#101340.1.1.,USA#061302.1.4.USA#204013.0.1.

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