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June 09, 2009, 20:29PM
my school does like alot acctually. We go like places every 9weeks. pretty cool.

Summer activities would be cool. like have a humongus swimming pary with other ppl!

Alot of churches have started ding it around here. i dunno why but theyhave. the one i wasgoing to go to I dont think is going to be ding it for much longer becauseof money situations I think. My cousin i think is goingtobehomeschooled this fsll. We willsee how that goes. :]

Hey no worries man. i dont get on here very much anymore Ive beenhaving basketball practice like evryday and camps going on. been really busy lately. Had four basketball games Saturday. Dont stress it.

God Bless ya!

we picked numbers the other day. I picked number 34 a quit amazing number if I do say so mysefl. ;]
June 02, 2009, 16:02PM
He will probably have a good one. :]

I dont think I could be homeschooled. I dont like being at home. I love going places so i dont eally like being at home. I would probably go to private if i was homeschooled for sports too. Oh thats so cool,I would have to be part of a big group.

Well of course you see them more on the school year than in the summer. Everyone in summer is like on vacation or at a pool. Oh now thats crazy. I would never want to do work during the summer. Im impatient and cant take that. Its really hard for me to sit in class. Im easily distracted.

Private school is exspensive. I could have gone but I didnt want to. its not my thing. Im an outgoing person and couldnt be in a private school as small as the one I was going to is. And I would have never have gotten pushed like I have to do basketball and stuff. I wouldnt have met all my friends and my church family because the private school is also a church so itda just been different. its not really my thing.

lady Panther:]
May 26, 2009, 10:08AM
Dont worry,,,,it takes A LOT to emberess me. Like a lot. I dont get emberresed to much.

Acctually I have a four year old brother. But you have like 4x that. Thats got to be like the most annoying thing sometimes.
My brother drives me crazy. He will scream if he doesnt get what he wants. He has the biggest imagination I have ever seen.

That would be a cool law to pass. Thats somethng that would drive me crazy about being homeschooled. Not being to play school sports and all. haha.

OH lord,,,I would not be doing school work throgh the summer. That sounds awful.

Yeah, I hope I do too. Il see alot of them at like football games and stuff and basketball because we will play each other. but its still sad.

I go to public school. Before i started middle school we were going to send me to private but Im glad we didnt. I dont think I would like it.

God Bless,Hope.
May 23, 2009, 08:27AM
Dang! I forgot to erase it again. My bad.
May 23, 2009, 08:26AM
Ah, ok, that makes a lot more sense. So you're just there for the competition, and not for the team, right?
I've been to Colorado when I was little, but that was a long time ago. So it's nice to come back. It's a lot cooler here than at home. lol

I definitely like Christian music. There's hardly any artists I don't know in Contemporary Christian Music. I also like LEGO. I kinda 'gave it up' a while back though. As evidenced by my profile pic, I LOVE to play tennis. It's really awesome. I hit the ball a lot of with my twin brother. :)

Lanae' Hale's entire album is featured on this website. You can download it free. Just check the homepage. It's a pretty good album.

Yeah just for the competition. :]

Yeah i bet its alot cooler in Colorado. :]

YOUR A TWIN!!!!! NO WAY!!!! Thats soooooo cool. Theres only one of me. :( Tennis is cool. Ive never really played it though. Ive only played a few sports(cheer,softball for like a month my coach was bad,gymanstics,volleyball,and now basketball.)

Cool. Ill have to check it out.

So what are you doing this summer. My school let out Wednesday. (Woo hoo) But next year are middle school is splitting up and ill be in 8th so like I wont see alot of my friends...thats the only down side. :( Ill see alot of them at football games and during basketball but its not the same. But anyhow what are you doing this summer?

wow:] Its Hope.


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