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Age: --
Gender: M
Relationship: Single
Location: United States
Occupation: College
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: "If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; But if you really make them think, they'll hate you.
~Don Marquis~~ "
Favorite Music: "A solar flare shines through her hair, It's so unfair when you compare The one who's fairest of the fair."
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March 01, 2010, 19:04PM
Hey! I'm so sorry it's been so long. I've been good,how are you?
January 12, 2010, 16:38PM
Omg I know the blonde girl "Aquamarine" is myyy favoritee!

She is suchh a great actor!
January 06, 2010, 20:21PM
Hey also,

Can you Pray For My Uncle, He got Re-Called into the army to go to Afghanistan.

Just pray for saftey, and protection because he isn't saved but he's very close to becoming saved!

Thanks, :)
January 01, 2010, 15:26PM
thanks for the add!
December 24, 2009, 13:44PM
uh...That Girl In The Show Your Girl FriendLOL


TheBeastSlayer Is...
Posted 01.18.10 at 04:52AM | Status History

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Trying to find Cyber Goth gear he can afford.
Posted 01.15.10 at 7:20PM | Status History

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realmusiclover at 8:32PM on 01.15.10
What's Cyber Goth gear?

I still wanna sneak attack hug someone...
Posted 12.16.09 at 11:40AM | Status History

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About Me


Wellllllll....I RAWK! No im just kkidding.
I like metal, gore, core whatever as long as I can jump....
And punk too...
TRANCE!!!! Im RAndDOMmmMm! I'm a guy in love with God who loves Girls
and guitars......
And food......
war of ages.....
Stellar Kart...I love music.....
"Kelly doesn't know that Im an EVIL GENIUS!!
with sidekick dog named grover cleveland!!! and she doesn't that we
could take over the world.....
Im into metal ALOT!
war of ages Pictures, Images and Photos Im starting my own band...Trying to at least.
"And We Shall Teash Rock And Roll To The World!" LOL Yeah its gonna be epic.
Headbanging all around. Hardcore/Deathcore/Thrashcore/Metalcore/FreekinAwesomeCore.
Its gonna be sick. And we shall have mosh pits.
I love girls. <______Understament.
God rawks.
Christ is my anti-drug...and also the reason I am sXe (ask me what that is if you dont know.)
I want to minister to all the people in the Metal crowd.
I want to show them theres a better way besides drugs, sex, booze, and suicide.
I do not like Obama.
Im from the South so I have a lot of pride in the Stars and Bars.
I get into trouble with my mouth alot.

Im very easily angered over misjustice in the world, so forgive me for any stupid hot-head posts I make.
Hit me up, Ill talk. If u need a shoulder mines wide and water absorbent. m/--0.0--m/

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Latest Album & Book Reviews
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Kings To You by Darkness Before Dawn
Very good Death/Metal from Darkness Before Dawn. Best tracks are Kings To You, Die To Yourself, and Material Existence. They all blend influences from metalcore, black, death, and symphonic Death/Black flawlessly. Really good album. One of the better ...
[read more]
Keep The Party Alive [Target Exclusive EP] by FF5 (formerly Family Force 5)
Oh guys...Go buy this. FLIPPIN EPIC! Love the songs. The title track is so awesome. "Why u playing that song/ Ill go get my iPhone/ Move over DJ/ Let me get this groove on" So awesome. Dance or Die and Fever are the same as the Other albums. Theres a ...
[read more]
Awake by Skillet
Okay well if you know anything about christian hard rock, then you know Skillet. They always delivered with massive drums and heavy guitars, and Doggie on vocals lol. Their newest album Awake doesn't dissapoint. With tracks such as "Monster" (That stops ...
[read more]
Pedal To the Metal by Blessed by A Broken Heart
Oh my gosh. This band is sooo funny lol. They mix hardcore, metal, classic rock, and big hair so well! One of my new fav bands. Their newest album Pedal To The Metal pays homage to their hair metal ancestors. Ranging in influences from Motley Crue ...
[read more]

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