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Age: --
Gender: F
Location: United States
Occupation: Student
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: "“Dodging traffic at the intersection of art, faith, and commerce.” - Jon Foreman "No Pain, No Gain." "
Favorite Music: Rock and Alternative music
Interests: Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Ping-Pong, Volleyball, Tennis, music, writing books, making movies, planning and reading!

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they need $7,500 by monday to make this movie real! Kickstarter Project Update 4: 50% Percent Funded We've past the 50% ladies and gents! $7,500 to go! To quote Coach Bombay in the Mighty Ducks:
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About Me
I Love Creation Festival East! I'v been going my whole life! My uncle (Tim Landis) is one of the Co-Founders.
I love to read, write, film and write songs, even though i'm not musical at all, but i can sort of sing, it depends what im singing.
And i also love to plan events. like i did a 3v3 soccer tournament for our church.

here's a book i'm starting to write. it's my version of little red ridding hood. let me know what u think! and this is not edited at all! enjoy:

Holding a basket in her hands, she walked through the deep dark words. Hearing a twig snapping, she looked behind her, she felt the hot breath crawling down her back. She stopped cold. Slowly she turned her neck around to capture the look of the owner of the breath. There was nothing there. So she fearfully continued her journey. As she felt the cold chilling fingers grasp her shoulder; she froze. She dropped the basket and through her hands to her mouth to contain the high shirks from spilling out of her red mouth. She seized her hands together in fists. Her heart pounded in her chest at the speed of light. By now the owner of the finger’s head was right on her shoulder beside her head. She felt the prickly fur rubbing against her neck. She reached behind her and felt a furry body. Slowly the head moved closer to her ear and whispered, “Run. If you dare to move, run. If you dare to breathe, run. If you dare to leave, run. If you stay, you’ll never lie awake again. If you run, he’ll out run you and you’ll be gone from this world.” She felt the prickly horse voice blow into her ear.
Her heart thumped in her chest. Her lounges worked harder to let the air in and out of her mouth. She didn’t know what was behind her. What was it? A person? No animal could talk, and humans weren’t furry. She decided to try looking behind herself again. As she turned her head around she saw something running away in the distance, and there was nothing behind her anymore. The creature was on all fours, and had a tail. It somewhat looked like a dog. Before disappearing into the thicket, the creature turned and barked. “Run!” The girl came to the conclusion that the beast was a talking wolf.
Suddenly she felt alone, cold and scared. She collected her basket and looked around herself. She realized that she was lost and had never seen this place before. The wind picked up her red cloak and blew it in the wind. Not knowing where to go or what to do, she decided to find some place to lie down. After exploring a little she found a tunnel in the side of a small hill. She sat down and covered herself with her coat. She slowly found herself dosing off to sleep.
The morning sun shun through the cave in a beam of light and landed on her eyes. She quickly blinked her eyes open.

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