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Age: 24
Gender: F
Relationship: In love
Location: Kentucky
Occupation: High School
Denomination: Methodist
Favorite Saying: ""
Favorite Music: Basically everything
Interests: Long deep convos about life, love, and the pursuit of pretzels

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February 09, 2012, 09:18AM
January 23, 2012, 16:47PM
Aawww. That's so sweet. ;P
January 23, 2012, 14:52PM
Hey just wanted to say this girl is like the best friend ever no joke she is amazing, she's caring, funny, 100% supportive if i ever need anything i know shes there for me.She is an amazing girl thanks for being an awesome friend.
Peace and Love


Lauren99 Is...
It's been forever since I've been on here... But, if I'm not the only one on here lol, just wanted to say hey to everyone. Especially those I befriended a few years ago. I miss you all and wanna talk again!
Posted 11.18.13 at 09:13AM | Status History

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Lauren99 at 4:32PM on 07.15.15
Miss talking to your sweet self, Bree. I've been thinking about you and the others and say a prayer for you when it crosses my mind. I'm doing well and have gotten to a spot in my Christian walk through a path I never thought I'd have to take. But all is well and I'm trusting Him through everything :) Message me some time on here or Facebook. I'd love to catch up.

LBree at 10:55AM on 10.03.14
Was thinking about you the other day and lifting you up in prayer. I hope you're even farther along in your walk with Christ and carrying His name until this day.

I'm either gonna be a singer, or a DJ :P CAN'T DECIDE! lol
Posted 08.03.12 at 5:42PM | Status History

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If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade....... If God Gives You Life, USE IT. Don't waste it. That's the LAST thing He wants you to do... "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit....." -Mathew 28:19. God gave us life, it's time we give something back. If we wanna go to Heaven, I suggest we decide to take as MANY people as we can with us. That is all...
Posted 01.19.12 at 8:56PM | Status History

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Christ follower, pursuing the Kingdom of Heaven.

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