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Age: 67
Gender: F
Relationship: Married
Location: Clanton, Alabama
Occupation: Other
Denomination: Baptist
Favorite Saying: ""
Favorite Music: Christian Rock Southern Gospel Oldie Goldies Country/Rock I love many different sounds in music.
Interests: Bible, Jesus Christ, Spreading the good news of Jesus, Learning more about my God, friendship with others, Music, Reading, Bowling, Animals, Kids, Computers, playing online virtual pet sites.

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CookieAngel Is...

About Me

I'm an Christian adult who loves Christian Rock music. I'm married with two daughters and 5 grandchildren. I've tried to teach them all to love the music also. We are all Christians. The grandkids have always loved all kinds of music, but when I took them to see a Brother's Keeper Concert, they really had a blast. All the boys were just old enough at that time to pretty much understand salvation. I've always talked to them about Jesus and salvation. That night at the concert the three oldest boys gave their lives to Christ. My granddaughter was way too young and didn't understand and the last grandson was a baby I believe.

I worked for nearly 20 yrs as a Registered Nurse but became ill and was diagnosed with 3 different illnesses. They caused such debilitating fatigue and pain that I was unable to continue with my work, thus I became disabled at the end of 2002. I still tend to stay ill alot and get alot of things that travel around everyone else. One of the illnesses I have is an autoimmune disorder, so my immune system is totally dysfunctional and fights against itself. Alot of joy has been taken from my life since this has occurred. I try to put myself in God's hands but it is so hard.

Please, anyone who reads this, I ask that you please pray for me and for my family. It seems we are all staying sick lately. I failed to mention that my daughter that we live with now was paralyzed at age 19 in a car accident. Her Toyota was hit from the rear on the Interstate Hiway. She's done well, drives, had a son and daughter. Remains alone but in a bad marriage and was abandoned. He calls but doesn't bother to even visit or give gifts to his children. My daughter needs prayer too please, she's remaining very sick cannot seem to get rid of a urinary infection plus right now she's having alot of pain.

I've played on different virtual pet sites for a few years now and enjoy it about as much as the kids do I think. *L*

My daughter just got me an MP3 Player I believe it is called. I've downloaded many of my CD'S already. It has a picture screen too. I guess it might be a good thing if I read up on it a bit more. *G* I know I'm gonna enjoy it, its sooooo small.

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