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Age: 29
Gender: M
Relationship: Single
Location: Canada
Occupation: High School
Denomination: Christian
Favorite Saying: ""The word of God is truth and the truth will set you free.""
Favorite Music: Classical Some Pop Jazz Rock Country Gospel Chorale Soul
Interests: Writing poetry, collecting hockey cards, watching hockey, listening to music,

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Adam_Chambers's Comments
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July 11, 2010, 03:10AM
Stellarnesh!! Must be super to have a job. . . Remember: God allows life to be rocky. His challenge is not to let the rocks grind you to dust, but to polish you to be a brilliant gem.
I'm busy studying for my finals. . . (stress! haha;-) and I've taken up jogging with a friend. Please pray for my mom. Found out last night that she has cancer again. Good day to you and stay precious!
June 26, 2010, 05:01AM
Hey there!! How are you? How's life been?
May 22, 2010, 12:50PM
You're so welcome!
I love hearing what people have to say about my poetry... :D
April 06, 2010, 12:47PM
Thanks, I'm praying that nothing where we're going is too damaged because of the earthquake and the aftershocks... :D
God bless you too! :D
March 29, 2010, 11:56AM
Thanks again!
It just comes naturally... :D


Adam_Chambers Is...
When you see these things happening, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. :D <3
Posted 09.25.10 at 2:24PM | Status History

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No matter the pain, no matter the cost, let it not be my will Abba, but Your will be done. <3
Posted 04.18.10 at 12:43AM | Status History

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Jesus Christ is Lord! I love You, Jesus! <3
Posted 04.07.10 at 11:34AM | Status History

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About Me
Adam Chambers | Create Your Badge

I am a 19 year old man growing up in Mississauga, Ontario. I am a Non-Denominational Christian although I have at times considered joining the Catholic or the Baptist Church. I am always searching for the greater meaning of love, life and about Jesus through the simpler aspects of my own daily life. I try to be a sweet hearted gentleman as much as I can. I am almost always full of energy and enthusiastic. I keep many values of courtesy, chivalry, respect and chastity close to my heart every day.

I am aspiring to mature in spirituality and personality but I always want to keep some of that boyish innocence and sweetness in my character.

I am a dreamer who laughs a lot and smiles when he can.

I am a deep thinker, observant of the simpler things in life. I'm sensitive and soft spoken (unless talking about hockey or politics) LOL! I am what some would call a right winger on many moral issues and political issues.

I am a big hockey fan, in particular of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the San Jose Sharks but I also like Chicago, St. Louis, Washington, Buffalo, Phoenix, and Calgary. My particular music preference is Alternative Pop but I do like bands and singers and songs from many different genres. I like spaghetti, hamburgers and green grapes. I've always loved transit rides, long walks (fall and winter especially), enjoying the simpleness of companionship. I'd prefer a trip to the bowling alley, a bite to eat and a walk in the park over a hugely loud party any day.

My favorite interests are in evaluating the moral issues of our present day, poetry writing, hockey, sports video games (for Play Station 2 and 3), and listening to music.

Some other facts about me?

-- I've never travelled outside of my home Province of Ontario in Canada. Infact, I have not travelled further than Niagra Falls, Ontario or Alton, Ontario in my life (both are two-three hours drive from my home).

-- My only regular computer access is through the local library.

-- I never found the correct way to hold a pencil comfortable as a kid so I got used to holding it like so: Ring finger, pinky, thumb, and middle finger rested near the tip of the pencil and my index finger curled around the pencil half way up to the eraser. Weird but it's the way I've always done it.

-- If I was to learn another language(s), they would be Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Gaelic, and Latin.

-- Played street hockey as a kid with many of my neighbours. We developed a street hockey community that had regular players aged 5-18. I was the eldest of them. This lasted from when I was 11 years old to June of 09.

-- Some of my friends say I should become a hockey analyst or a commentator later in life. LOL!

-- Haven't had cable TV since 1996. Always stuck to plain antenna and now recently, Digital and antenna TV.

-- Chosen with several other kids in my grade 11 visual arts class and from other schools across my home town in grade 11 to present sculptures to the Mayor and City Council in 2008. We were to build a structure or an abstract art piece describing our visions for Mississauga in the enxt forty years. I designed a major park, botanical garden and lakeside community Center to host big events, concerts, provide more pakr land and recreational space for residents. My botanical garden (a 200 foot glass dome)would be a big landmark on our lake to replace a set of four smoke stacks that marked a coal burning plant in our town. I designed it and built the whole park out of cardboard, foam core, and paper machee. It was painted of course.

-- Worked with a class of developmentally delayed kids from September 2008 until June of 2009 aged 14-18 for community service. A huge part of me was changed to get to know these special and friendly people.

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