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Casting Crowns Introduces 28 Days to a Thriving Marriage Devotional
NRT News Roundup, January 30, 2015

Casting Crowns Introduces 28 Days to a Thriving Marriage Devotional

Posted: January 30, 2015, 5:00 PM | Category: General
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Christian Music/Entertainment News (8)

1. Social media is a place for people to get lots of crowdsourced information, and some Christian artists take full advantage of that. For example, Holly Starr asked fans who to get rid of hiccups, from which she must have been suffering. The treatment options varied significantly, ranging from peanut butter to pickle juice to walking around in circles, counter clockwise while reciting the alphabet in Spanish. No word on which method or methods she attempted.

2. Casting Crowns is wondering… are you ready to thrive in your marriage? Starting February 1st, the band--along with Focus on the Family--will introduce 28 Days to a Thriving Marriage, a daily devotional designed to challenge and inspire you and your spouse to grow closer together while learning God's truths for your marriage. Learn more about it on Casting Crowns' website or on their social media pages.

3. Beckah Shae is in Cancun with her husband, producer Jack Shocklee, and she said strangers are asking if they're on their honeymoon, when in reality, the very much in love couple has been married 10 years! A gentleman told them they still have "honeymoon eyes" for each other.

4. In a recent blog post, Rend Collective reflected on the concept of community--considerations that were brought to light in spending countless hours in close quarters with each other. In the post, they said that one of the biggest misconceptions about true community is that it's a Utopia, with everyone getting along all the time. The truth, they said, is that as long as humans are involved in community, it will involve brokenness and conflict. They said they've learned that the solution is looking inwardly.

5. With his appearance on The Rock & Worship Roadshow fast approaching, Manwell Reyes of Group 1 Crew took some time to answer some questions for the tour's social media. Among the information shared, Manny revealed that his favorite snack is a Jamba Juice smoothie, his favorite song is "Ain't No Mountain" by Marvin Gaye, he doesn't drink Starbucks and his favorite song to sing live is "Night of My Life."

6. Robbie Seay Band is selling some new T-shirts and hoodies, but beyond just looking good, the merch is going to do some good to some third-world communities that need clean water. Between 16 and 18 percent of the purchase price of the apparel goes directly to creating clean water wells. Find the clothing on their website.

7. Natalie Grant has been branching out lately with selling jewelry and being host of a reality dating show, and now she's announced she's aligning with a new site called (that's Girlz with a Z). It's a site that's geared towards giving tween girls the tools they need to live for God during a pretty stinking difficult part of their lives.

8. It's apparently never too early to start thinking about Christmas--even 11 months before it. Plumb said yesterday that she's already songwriting some Christmas music with Christa Wells and Jarrod Morris in Nashville. Side benefit? It's probably easier to get in the Christmas mood during the winter, rather than in the middle of summer, when many Christmas albums are made.

Quotes (3)

1. "You will find strength in your surrender and freedom in your submission if you are surrendering and submitting to Jesus!" - Joseph Rojas, Seventh Day Slumber

"The Christian faith wasn't meant for an hour in a pew. It was meant for days in the ditches. Sleeves rolled up, arm to arm with anyone willing to bring hope to a hopeless world." - Carlos Whittaker

"We learn to forgive because we have been forgiven. We are further able to show mercy because mercy has been given to us." - Charles Billingsley


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