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Jeremy Camp on Vocal Rest After Vocal Problems, Launches New Tour
Successful first night of 'The Answer' Tour after two months of vocal rest

Jeremy Camp on Vocal Rest After Vocal Problems, Launches New Tour

Posted: October 04, 2017, 5:00 PM | Category: Tour
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In early August, CCM pop/rock artist Jeremy Camp learned that he had severe bruising due to a burst blood vessel on his vocal chords. Jeremy's manager, Matt, took over his Facebook to inform fans of the near vocal hemorrhage and ask for prayer. "As much as we do on social media to show you personal life, new songs, videos etc I believe that as a community we are stronger together in these platforms as believers to lift each other up, pray for each other and show the world that through prayer things can change, healing does happen through Jesus! Thanks for taking time out to lift Jeremy up! We are sooo excited for this new season and cannot wait to get these songs out to you guys!"

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He was met with thousands of responses from concerned fans, leading Matt to write an additional post later that day assuring fans that the incident would not affect Jeremy's fall tour schedule. "He will just need to take it easy when talking for the next few weeks and save his voice for all these shows." Matt wrote. "Happens a lot with singers, we just don't post a lot about it when these things do happen." Jeremy spent two weeks resting his voice, breaking the silence only for two small concerts in that time.

After a lot of rest, prayer, and VoiceTea (an all-natural herbal tea designed to promote vocal health), Jeremy launched full swing into The Answer Tour, playing his first show in Roswell, New Mexico last Saturday. According to Jeremy and his team, God came through in a big way during the show.

"I don't think I've experienced something quite like that..." Jeremy said in his video blog. "The response of just the hunger for spiritual things. And we were just kind of sitting back going, 'Alright, Lord, you just keep doing it!' Had a bunch of emotional times tonight, playing old songs, getting chills, and crying on stage."

Jeremy posted several photos from the concert to Facebook, along with a shoutout to the first city of the tour, saying, "Well Roswell, I am officially speechless! Thank you for tonight! Your hunger for the Lord is inspiring!" 

Look for tour dates near you at and make sure to check out Jeremy's brand new album The Answer (on Apple Music here and Spotify here) when it releases this Friday, October 6th.


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