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Lecrae's Percussionist The BeatBreaker Releases New Song For #Mizzou
Song released in support of racially divided college campuses across the world

Lecrae's Percussionist The BeatBreaker Releases New Song For #Mizzou

Posted: November 17, 2015, 5:00 PM | Category: New Releases
Artist Tags: Lecrae
Source: E. Calloway Management

Christian Music News, New Christian Music News Over the course of the past 4 weeks, our country's higher educational system has had to look itself in the mirror and face the not so pretty reflection that has appeared onto the campus of The University of Missouri.  Racial tensions have forced students to take a stand of unity and empowerment.  In light of these new developments, Nate 'the BeatBreaker" Robinson teams up with newcomers JusThoughtz + Lizi Bailey to show their support for the student body of #Mizzou and other racially divided campuses across the globe. 

In the midst of death threats, use of derogatory language toward them, and negative media attention, the students of #Mizzou are still standing as one!   Our hope is that this song will continue to inspire each student to persevere through their current struggles and know that God is with them always.    

Special message from The BeatBreaker:

"We all have experienced struggle but it's in these struggles that we grow, learn, and find ourselves. Often times, it's also where we find God. When you can persevere through the struggle, learn the lessons, and hear God's voice you come out on the other side a more complete person. Still standing touches on issues that JusThoughtz and I both have struggled with, and are continuously persevering through. Those specific issues have been hurdles for us as a country and have consistently shown us that we are far from perfect.  If you have or are presently going through your own struggles, this is your theme song. Play it when you need a boost, when you feel down. Pass it on to someone who needs some motivation. The pre-chorus sings "Can't see the air I breathe, but I'm still breathing" this is a testament to the blind faith that we need in order make it from day to day in our struggles. To the students of #Mizzou be encouraged, and don't even think about quitting.

Much love, and loud music....

Nate "theBeatbreaker" Robinson

The song is new available for free download through his website or on SoundCloud and you can click here to see the video.

"Break The Limits: a docufilm on the man behind the beat" released on October 1st, 2015 and has received rave reviews from the 116 fans and an array of industry supporters. 


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