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Veridia Reveals New EP Title And Cover
NRT News Roundup, September 1, 2015

Veridia Reveals New EP Title And Cover

Posted: September 01, 2015, 5:00 PM | Category: General
Artist Tags: KJ-52 / Everfound / Steve Taylor / Danny Gokey / Hawk Nelson / VERIDIA / Nichole Nordeman / Stryper / Michael Sweet / Group 1 Crew / Jimmy Needham / JJ Heller
Source: Staff Reports

Here's what's happening TODAY in Christian music...

1. How do you when you "made it"? KJ-52 says it's when you discover that a childhood friend is on Craigslist selling a turntable you destroyed when you were 14.

2. The brothers of Everfound make more than just awesome music. Yan Odnoralov was touched that eldest brother Ruslan made him a special breakfast sandwich that appeared to have eggs, potatoes and tomatoes on sourdough.

3. Life in Nashville can be so educational. A NewReleaseToday staffer discovered at Christian rocker Steve Taylor buys Arm & Hammer Enamel Safe Whitening Toothpaste, in case you were wondering.

4. Getting ready for Christmas? Christian artists sure are. Danny Gokey said he's excited to release his holiday record on October 16th, but he can't even wait that long. He said he'd give fans little glimpses between now and then.

5. Winnifred the Cat took a stand this past week, as he climbed into a Hawk Nelson equipment case with a look of, "I'm coming on tour whether you like it or not." It doesn't appear she got her way.

6. VERIDIA revealed its new EP, Pretty Lies, and shared some artwork, which featured lead singer Deena Jakoub with her mouth zipped shut. Release date to be announced soon. You can view the full cover here.

7. Nichole Nordeman is back in a big way, as her new The Unmaking EP hit No. 1 on iTunes. Way to go, Nichole!

8. Wanna rock out like Stryper? Frontman Michael Sweet has posted a guitar tutorial on YouTube for the song "Fallen," which is the title track of the band's upcoming album, releasing October 16th. You can find the video by clicking here.

Quotes (3)

1. "Be you and be you well! The world needs what you got!" - Manwell Reyes from Group 1 Crew

2. "It is impossible to passively drift towards depth with Jesus. If you wonder why you feel so far from him, pick up your oars and row." - Jimmy Needham

3. "As I reflect on the most difficult times in my life, I can definitely see that's where I grew the most." - JJ Heller

For more quotes from your favorite Christian artists, click here.


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