Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life, by Aleathea Dupree Christian Book Reviews And Information

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Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life
by Aleathea Dupree | Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: July 2012

Wrecked is about the life we are afraid to live. It's about radical sacrifice and selfless service.. how we find purpose in the midst of pain. It's a look at how we discover fulfillment in the least likely of places. It's about living like we mean it. It's a guide to growing up and giving your life away, helping you live in the tension between the next adventure and the daily mundane.

This book is for us.. a generation intent on pursuing our life's work in a way that leaves us without regrets.

Pages: 176
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 9780802404923
Publisher: Moody Publishers

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Get Ready to Have Your World Shifted | Posted March 27, 2014
I listened to this as an audio book read by the author himself, and am I ever thankful for that pause feature on my mp3 player!  Every few minutes, I found myself pausing to take notes or to process what I'd just heard.  I am sure I'll be wading through some of those ideas for a long time.

The book starts by outlining the status quo--the person loving life in his safe little world, content to watch other people have adventures on reality TV and keep a nice distance by spending most of his free time on the couch.  But occasionally something happens that rocks his world.  Maybe he has an encounter with someone much less fortunate, or he goes on a short-term missions trip.  How does this person work through what's happened to him and let it help shape his future?

Jeff Goins issues the challenge of stepping into those opportunities, recognizing the impact they can have on our lives, and then figuring out how to put into perspective these paradigm shifts. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book doesn't advocate running off and doing abnormal things just for the sake of the adventure.  Instead, the author encourages us to use these experiences to teach us that life isn't all about ME. 

I was particularly encouraged by the section that explained why reaching out to meet a need often hurts us more than it gives us that warm fuzzy feeling, because it causes us to recognize how small we are and how broken the world is.

I'm particularly interested in the implications he makes for young adults, who are typically on a quest to find themselves.  Goins recommends that instead of looking at the world as it revolves around me, find a need that calls to my heart and determine what I can do to help meet it. 

So many people came to mind as I worked my way through these chapters.  I will be recommending this to older teens and twenty-somethings, as well as to anyone coming on short-term mission trips.  This book would be a great debriefing tool for mission teams, especially for those people who don't know what to do with the reality-check they've just been exposed to.  And I'd definitely recommend it to other long-term missionaries, as it's a nice tool for examining our motives and our vision. 

If you want to be wrecked, of if you have been and you don't know where to go from here, get your hands on this book.

I received this book free from christianaudio in exchange for an honest review.

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