Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ, by Aleathea Dupree Christian Book Reviews And Information

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Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ
by Aleathea Dupree | Genre: Christian Living
Release Date: December 2010

Best-selling author and pastor Dr. John MacArthur reveals one crucial word that revolutionizes what it means to follow Jesus.

Throughout the Bible, followers of Jesus are commanded to submit to Him as their King. They are told to obey and follow, faithfully and without hesitation. Every time Christians utter the word Lord, they make a subtle yet profound declaration-that God is their Master and that they belong to Him. In fact, the Bible describes believers as His slaves. They have been bought with a price and now live for Christ as a people for His own possession.

But go into most churches today, even flip through most Bible translations, and you won't see or hear the word slave anywhere. That's because it has been lost in translation. In this gripping book, Dr. John MacArthur uses deep Bible teaching and historical evaluation to expertly uncover the one forgotten word that restores the Bible's definition of true Christian freedom.

What does it mean to be a Christian the way Jesus defined it? MacArthur says it all boils down to one word: Slave. "We have been bought with a price. We belong to Christ. We are His own possession."

Pages: 240
Format: Hardcover
EAN/ISBN: 9781400202072
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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A metaphor commonly associated with scorn, oppression, and abuse, slavery has been gloriously transformed, in Christ, to signify honor, liberty, and eternal bliss! | Posted October 30, 2011

The word slave brings different pictures to different people.  Many English Bible translations, including the King James Version, incorrectly substitutes the word servant for slave (doulos or ebed).  He notes that the Greek language has at least a half a dozen words that can mean servant and that the word doulos was not one of them!  In “Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ“, MacArthur looks at the definition of each word, especially as it relates to first century AD Rome.  This is important because to be a slave in Roman times can not be compared to the slaves in the 1700′s in America.  The very basic difference between the two words is that servants are hired and slaves are owned.

MacArthur brilliantly points out the huge flaw in Catholicism.  The Pope fancies himself to be the infallible leader, the ultimate authority, and the head of the Roman Catholic church.  Heck, the Catholic church is probably the richest entity in the world!  The Catholic church even states that Peter is the one that the foundation of the church was built on.  But, they are so wrong!  The apostles never claimed to be anything but a servant of Jesus Christ and Jesus is “the chief cornerstone” of the Christian faith.

We learn that through Jesus’ blood sacrifice on the cross (redemption), our acceptance of His Lordship over our lives, and the turning away from our past life, we cease being slaves of sin.  We become slaves of Jesus Christ; “free to obey, to live righteously, and to pursue holiness”, but we also become children of righteousness.  We are adopted into God’s family and given the privileges of sons and daughters.  We then obey God because we want to and not because we feel like we have to due to punishment or fear of losing our salvation.  It’s not because of obligation, it’s because we want to obey God because we love Him. MacArthur puts is succinctly when he says, “Our priorities, passions, and pursuits have all been changed because our very identity has been transformed.”

I can’t even begin to explain this book as well as I would like to and I highly recommend reading it.  It has opened up my eyes to my position in God’s Heavenly household as well as made it plain what my responsibilities are.  This book is a wonderful gift for a pastor or someone grounded in the Word.  It might be a little overwhelming for a new believer.  MacArthur shares a good bit of the history of the Reformation, many of the earliest writings on this same topic, and first century AD Rome.

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