The Shadowed Mind,(Dinah Harris Mystery #2) by Aleathea Dupree Christian Book Reviews And Information

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The Shadowed Mind
(Dinah Harris Mystery #2)
by Aleathea Dupree | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: September 2010

Against this backdrop, Dinah must come to terms with her own past, as those associated with the deepening mystery face their own personal demons, and struggle with the concept of God's inexhaustible grace and forgiveness.

Old secrets are revealed, tragedies unearthed, and the devastating legacy of science without compassion is finally brought to light.

Pages: 288
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 9780890515907
Publisher: New Leaf Publishing Group

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Startling Revelations | Posted December 02, 2010
In this second installment of A Dinah Harris Mystery series, we meet Dinah on another one of her baffling cases. She’s hot on the tracks of a serial killer, but instead of working with her prior partner (David Ferguson), Dinah is saddled with a new one by the name of Samson Cage.

Dinah and Samson make for interesting partners. Dinah is abrasive and Samson is reserved. Even though different, they both work well together. Their first crime scene investigation begins in a dark alleyway. The victim has had no visible trauma, and there’s no evidence of a struggle. They search for any clues that the killer might have left behind. The investigators are stumped when they find a printed sympathy card and an old photograph. Not left with much to go on, they wait for the killer to make his next move.

Everything in Dinah’s life has had a complete turn-around. She’s a born-again Christian with a new outlook on life. She’s also getting help with battling her drinking problem. But will this case prove to be too much for her? And will she lean on old habits?

My Thoughts on The Shadowed Mind:

In my opinion, The Shadowed Mind by Julie Cave is better than Deadly Disclosures. It has a serious tone that tackles the tough subject of eugenics. It’s not a light read and nor is it filled with any romance. I didn’t enjoy following the murderer while he befriended people. But, I like all the information that I got from the history of eugenics. This is really something that people need to be aware of in this country. I already knew about it, but this book opened my eyes to the full extent.

I was stunned by the facts on what I learned in this book. I can’t believe what our country did in the past with involuntary sterilizations. Unfortunately, this belief of who is and isn’t “fit to live” is going on now.

After finishing it all, I am very glad that I read it. It’s important to be informed on these sorts of things. It’s… a nice change instead of always burying yourself in a romance. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading romances! I would also like to note that I like how the character of Dinah is not perfect. She’s got issues just like everyone else. A unique read!

I recommend this book to both men and women who love crime/detective themed stories. Be sure to pick up the first book (Deadly Disclosures) in this series!

Visit Julie Cave’s website.

This was reviewed for New Leaf Publishing Group.

~Grace Thorson

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