Scrapping Plans,(Sisters Ink Series #3) by Rebecca Seitz Christian Book Reviews And Information

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Scrapping Plans
(Sisters Ink Series #3)
by Rebecca Seitz | Genre: Fiction
Release Date: February 2009

Joy was adopted from China as an infant. Always the quiet one, she and her husband's struggle with infertility is being drowned out by sister Kendra's wedding day, her daddy's new romance, and another Sinclair sister who may see that double pink line on a pregnancy test before Joy does. Will a trip back to China help Joy understand that God's timing is perfect, and His plans are the ones to follow?

Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
EAN/ISBN: 0805446923
Publisher: B&H Books

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Jumping in in the Middle. :) | Posted May 31, 2009
This is the third book in the Sister's Ink series. However, this is my first. From what I have read, it may have been better to start of with the previous books. I am always intrigued on how a book stands on its own.

The series is about four very different women who were brought together through adoption. This book's central focus is on Joy. Joy is definitely a woman more comfortable with control and things working according to plan. Life is not working that way with Joy and her husband, Scott. Joy wants to have a child. Joy is a planner. When plans do not come to fruition, Joy cannot really hold things together.

My heart went out to Joy. I can understand the strong desire to have a child. I was a little surprised at how hard Joy was on herself. I could relate to her pain, but not to the point of understanding the blame. I was taken a bit aback by how severe her feelings were about herself within the first few pages.

The thing I liked the best about this story is the actual characters. I liked the way they related to each other. There was a genuine flesh to these ladies. I also liked that although these girls were Christian, they were flawed. When the ladies refer to older members of their father's church congregation as the "blue hairs." Honestly, I found it rude and a bit immature, but it made them real. I am sure I say a phrase or three that would make others blanch. :) Anyway, I liked that. I appreciate a character with flaws. The displeasure in their father dating was a little odd to me. I just didn't quite understand why this was so horrible to these adult women.

I do wish I had read the first two books before beginning Scrapping Plans. I felt like I had to catch up a bit, but honestly, that is not how I would have bought the book. I love series, and I do always start with book one. Thankfully I can remedy that by reading the first two books in the Sister's Ink series! I liked the book, and I enjoyed the ladies. I do hope to catch up with the whole series before book four comes out.

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