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Lost Boy: My Story  by Greg Laurie
What Every Christian Needs To Know  by Greg Laurie
Daily Hope for Hurting Hearts: A Devotional  by Greg Laurie

Hope for Hurting Hearts  by Greg Laurie
Start! The Bible For New Believers by Greg Laurie
As I See It: Thoughts on Current Issues and Things That Matter From a Biblical Perspective  by Greg Laurie

God's Design for Christian Dating  by Greg Laurie
Signs of the Times What the Bible says about The Rapture, Antichrist, Armagedon, Heaven and Hell  by Greg Laurie
Greatest Stories Ever Told, vols. I-III  by Greg Laurie

The Greatest Stories Ever Told, Vol 3  by Greg Laurie
Upside Down Living: A Template for Changing Ourselves and the World from the Book of Acts  by Greg Laurie
Discipleship: The Road Less Taken.  by Greg Laurie

Finding Hope in the Last Words of Jesus  by Greg Laurie
For Every Season Vol. 3  by Greg Laurie
Better Than Happiness  by Greg Laurie

Becoming One: Quiet Times for Every Couple  by Greg Laurie
His Christmas Presence  by Greg Laurie
Walking with Jesus: Daily Inspiration from the Gospel of John  by Greg Laurie

The Greatest Stories Ever Told (Volume 2)  by Greg Laurie
Beyond: A Devotional  by Greg Laurie
Because...  by Greg Laurie

For Every Season II  by Greg Laurie
Lies We Tell Ourselves: How to Say No to Temptation and Put an End to Compromise  by Greg Laurie
10 Things You Should Know About God and Life  by Greg Laurie

Losers and Winners, Saints and Sinners: How to Finish Strong in the Spiritual Race  by Greg Laurie
Wrestling with God: Prayer That Never Gives Up  by Greg Laurie
Living Out Your Faith: Messages From the Gospel of John, Volume III  by Greg Laurie

How to Know God  by Greg Laurie
Secrets to Spiritual Success  by Greg Laurie
Are These the Last Days?: Keys to Understanding the Signs of the Times  by Greg Laurie

Dealing with Giants  by Greg Laurie
Deepening Your Faith: Messages from the Gospel of John (Volume II)  by Greg Laurie
The Best Is Yet to Come: Faith for Today, Hope for the Future  by Greg Laurie

Strengthening Your Faith  by Greg Laurie
Marriage Connections  by Greg Laurie
Strengthening Your Marriage  by Greg Laurie

Why the Resurrection?  by Greg Laurie
Why the Passion?  by Greg Laurie
Every Day With Jesus: First Steps for New Believers  by Greg Laurie

The Great Compromise  by Greg Laurie
For Every Season I  by Greg Laurie
Breakfast with Jesus  by Greg Laurie

New Believer's Guide to the Bible  by Greg Laurie
New Believer's Guide to Prayer  by Greg Laurie
The God of the Second Chance: Starting Fresh with God's Forgiveness  by Greg Laurie

New Believer's Guide to How to Share Your Faith  by Greg Laurie
New Believer's Guide to Effective Christian Living  by Greg Laurie
Why Believe?  by Greg Laurie

How to Share Your Faith  by Greg Laurie
The Upside Down Church  by Greg Laurie
A Passion for God  by Greg Laurie

Life. Any Questions?: Finding Spiritual Meaning on the Fast Track  by Greg Laurie
The New Believer's Growth Book  by Greg Laurie
Discipleship: Giving God Your Best  by Greg Laurie

The Invisible World: A Look Behind the Scenes of the Supernatural World and its Effects on Our Lives  by Greg Laurie

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    Who Is Greg Laurie?

    Greg Laurie is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California. He began his pastoral ministry at the age of 19 by leading a Bible study of 30 people.

    Since then, God has transformed that small group into a church of some 15,000 people. Today, Harvest is one of the largest churches in America, and consistently ranks among the most influential churches in the country.

    In 1990, Laurie began holding large-scale public evangelistic events called Harvest Crusades. Since that time, more than 4,219,000 people have attended Harvest Crusades events around the United States, and in Australia and New Zealand. More importantly, more than 350,300 people have registered professions of faith through these outreaches.

    Laurie is the featured speaker of the nationally-syndicated radio program, A New Beginning, which is broadcast on more than 500 radio outlets around the world. A New Beginning is also one of the most popular Christian podcast downloads on Apple's iTunes Store.

    Laurie was also a guest on CNN's Larry King Live in August of 2005, and he has appeared on many other television news programs. Along with his work at Harvest Ministries, Laurie serves on the board of directors of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse, among others. He holds honorary doctorates from Biola University and Azusa Pacific University.

    In addition to speaking and assisting other ministries, Laurie has authored over 65 books including Hope for Hurting Hearts, For Every Season, The Greatest Stories Ever Told, Signs Of The Times, and God's Design for Christian Dating,What every Christian needs to know, to name just a few. His books have been translated into many languages, including Korean, Latvian, Portuguese, German, and Spanish.

    His autobiography, Lost Boy, was released by Regal Books, is one of the best selling Christian biographies in recent times. The accompanying documentary film, Lost Boy: The Next Chapter, has won a number of awards at film festivals around the world.

    He has written study notes for two Bibles in the New Living Translation: the New Believer's Bible and The Seeker's Bible. He was also the editor for the recently-released Start! Bible in the New King James Version, published by Thomas Nelson.

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    choumein (14)
    yes! | Posted January 16, 2011
    awesome stuff

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    DNA (8)
    :-) | Posted January 12, 2011
    God Bless!

    Comments (0)  |  Add Comment

    tiger573 (28)
    ... | Posted January 10, 2011
    God will bless you for the work you are doing for him! :)

    Comments (0)  |  Add Comment
    Great | Posted January 09, 2011
    I love your preaching

    Comments (0)  |  Add Comment
    nice | Posted January 09, 2011
    I praise God for your preaching.

    Comments (0)  |  Add Comment
    hungary | Posted January 09, 2011
    I hope one day you will come to Hungary to share the gospel here. gbu dj gospel

    Comments (0)  |  Add Comment
    Thumbs up! | Posted January 06, 2011

    Comments (1)  |  Add Comment
    ! | Posted January 05, 2011
    i want to get this so maybe it cam help me put the gospel in better words to new believers

    Comments (0)  |  Add Comment

    bigmac (22)
    cool | Posted January 05, 2011

    Comments (0)  |  Add Comment

    sparkyou (33)
    START! | Posted January 05, 2011
    What a great tool to help reach people!

    Comments (0)  |  Add Comment
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