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Penetrating the Darkness: Discovering the Power of the Cross Against Unseen Evil  by Aleathea Dupree
Praying for Those You Love  by Aleathea Dupree
The Power of a Praying Church: Experiencing God Move As We Pray Together  by Aleathea Dupree

Rebuilding the Real You: The Definitive Guide to the Holy Spirit's Work in Your Life  by Aleathea Dupree
Kingdom Warfare (Spirit-Filled Life Study Guide Series)  by Aleathea Dupree
Hope for a Hopeless Day: Encouragement and Inspiration When You Need it Most  by Aleathea Dupree

Divine Visitor: What Really Happened When God Came Down  by Aleathea Dupree
Reward of Worship, The: The Joy of Fellowship with a Personal God  by Aleathea Dupree
31 Days Meditating on the Majesty of Jesus  by Aleathea Dupree

The Heart of Praise: Worship After God's Own Heart  by Aleathea Dupree
The Charismatic Century: The Enduring Impact of the Azusa Street Revival  by Aleathea Dupree
Jack Hayford Presents the Acts Bible Storybook  by Aleathea Dupree

Sex and the Single Soul: Guarding Your Heart and Mind in a World of Empty Promises (Sexual Integrity)  by Aleathea Dupree
Manifest Presence: Expecting a Visitation of Gods Grace Through Worship  by Aleathea Dupree
Ephesians & Colossians (Spirit-Filled Life New Testament Commentary)  by Aleathea Dupree

Romans (Spirit-Filled Life New Testament Commentary)  by Aleathea Dupree
The Spirit-Filled Family (Spirit-Filled Life Study Guide Series)  by Aleathea Dupree
Life-Giving Leadership (Spirit-Filled Life Study Guide Series)  by Aleathea Dupree

Life in the Kingdom (Spirit-Filled Life Study Guide Series)  by Aleathea Dupree
The Anatomy Of Seduction (Sexual Integrity)  by Aleathea Dupree
Becoming a World Changing Family: Fun and Innovative Ways to Spread the Good News  by Aleathea Dupree

The Hayford Bible Handbook  by Aleathea Dupree
Fatal Attractions: Why Sex Sins Are Worse Than Others  by Aleathea Dupree
I'll Hold You In Heaven  by Aleathea Dupree

Praise in the Presence of God  by Aleathea Dupree
Worship (Biblical Truth Simply Explained)  by Aleathea Dupree
The Trinity (Biblical Truth Simply Explained)  by Aleathea Dupree

Sharpening Your Leading Edge: Moving from Methods to Mindset  by Aleathea Dupree
Grounds for Living  by Aleathea Dupree
Blessing Your Children: How You Can Love the Kids In Your Life  by Aleathea Dupree

Living the Spirit-Filled Life  by Aleathea Dupree
Never Forget: Discovering Hope In The Aftermath Of Tragedy  by Aleathea Dupree
New Spirit-Filled Life Bible: Kingdom Equipping Through the Power of the Word  by Aleathea Dupree

Pursuing the Will of God (Reflections and Meditations on the Life of Abraham)  by Aleathea Dupree
Prayer Is Invading the Impossible  by Aleathea Dupree
The Leading Edge : Keys to Sharpen Your Effectiveness As a Leader  by Aleathea Dupree

Living the Spirit-Formed Life  by Aleathea Dupree
Worship His Majesty: How Praising the King of Kings Will Change Your Life  by Aleathea Dupree
The Christmas Miracle: Experience the Blessing  by Aleathea Dupree

E-Quake: A New Approach to Understanding the End Times Mysteries in the Book of Revelation  by Aleathea Dupree
Living & Praying in Jesus' Name  by Aleathea Dupree
Pastors of Promise: Pointing to Character and Hope As the Keys to Fruitful Shepherding  by Aleathea Dupree

Built by the Spirit (The People of Promise)  by Aleathea Dupree
Loving Your City into the Kingdom: City-Reaching Strategies for a 21St-Century Revival  by Aleathea Dupree
A New Time and Place: Preparing Yourself to Receive God's Best  by Aleathea Dupree

Key To Everything  by Aleathea Dupree
The Beauty Of Spiritual Language  by Aleathea Dupree
Come...and Behold Him  by Aleathea Dupree

The Mary Miracle  by Aleathea Dupree
Glory on Your House  by Aleathea Dupree
The Power and Blessing  by Aleathea Dupree

Mastering Worship (Mastering Ministry, Vol. 4) (Mastering Ministry)  by Aleathea Dupree
Who's in Charge: Mastering Ministry  by Aleathea Dupree
The Heart of Praise: Daily Ways to Worship the Father with Psalms  by Aleathea Dupree

Taking Hold of Tomorrow  by Aleathea Dupree
A Passion for Fullness  by Aleathea Dupree
Moments with Majesty  by Aleathea Dupree

Restoring Fallen Leaders  by Aleathea Dupree
The Visitor  by Aleathea Dupree
The Church on the Way: Learning to Live in the Promise of Biblical Congregational Life  by Aleathea Dupree

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     Aleathea Dupree is the author of Cheer Up Your Wife: A DIY Biblical Guide, a book that provides tools to fix or prevent the problem of an unhappy wife and empowers men to carry out the biblical mandate, "cheer up your wife" (Deuteronomy 24:5).

    Her first and middle names are literally translated "truth of God messenger." The meaning captures the essence of who she strives to be as a writer, as a counselor, as a minister and as a person. After the publication of her first book, Though The Vision Tarry: Waiting For My Promised Mate, she founded and became the administrator of Deep Waters, a resource website and interactive forum providing biblical answers to relationship issues. She is a contributing author to the book, 100 Words Of Wisdom, and also a contributing author to the book Voices Of Inspiration. Twenty-five plus years as a biblical counselor has helped to equip her as a writer, but it is her own life experiences that qualify her to employ the tools of truth and transparency to transform lives.

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