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Mystery of the Island Jungle The Ladd Family Adventure Series #3 by Lee Roddy
Secret of the Shark Pit The Ladd Family Adventure Series #1 by Lee Roddy
The Legend of Fire The Ladd Family Adventure Series #2 by Lee Roddy

Tracked by the Wolf Pack The Ladd Family Adventure Series #15 by Lee Roddy
Secret of the Sunken Sub The Ladd Family Adventure Series #5 by Lee Roddy
Secret of the Howling Cave An American Adventure, Book 4 by Lee Roddy

Danger on Thunder Mountain An American Adventure, Book 3 by Lee Roddy
Overland Escape An American Adventures Series, Book 1 by Lee Roddy
The Desperate Search An American Adventure, Book 2 by Lee Roddy

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    "A shoe with a 3.5 inch cork sole made a writer out of me." says bestselling author Lee Roddy. "I was born sick and handicapped. Poor health prevented me from leading a normal boy's life for ten years. During my confinement, I became an avid reader. Fortunately, surgeries corrected my problems...but I remained a reader for life!"

    At the young age of twenty two, Lee decided to seriously pursue his writing career. He packed his things and moved to Hollywood, California. It wasn't long before he was hired with a Los Angeles advertising agency writing copy for major corporations. It wasn't quite the type of writing he had in mind...but it was a start!

    Before long, Lee had moved on in his writing career. As a staff writer for NBC, ABC, and CBS, he wrote radio network dramas. One of the highlights of his career was the sale of his novel The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams to NBC. It later became a prime-time television series for the network, and was viewed by 28 million viewers weekly.

    Since 1974, Lee has written countless books. Most significantly, he wrote the Jesus film for Campus Crusade for Christ, which is now in more than three hundred languages and is viewed worldwide. He has had five of his books made into major motion pictures, and has been on the New York Times bestseller list on several occasions.

    An American Adventure and Between Two Flags are two popular series for young adults that present exciting stories set in historic America. Lee's other children's series include Giants on the Hiss, the Pinkerton Lady Chronicles, D.J. Dillon, and Kidwitness Tales.

    These days Lee focuses on his life with his wife, children, grandchildren, his work, and his church. He is a highly sought after public speaker and prolific writer.

    Information from Bethany House Publishers. Updated 6 /2003

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    Thank you | Posted February 14, 2019
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