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Vegetarian Health Recipes: For Super Energy & Long Life to 120!  by Paul C. Bragg
Super Power Breathing: For Super Energy, High Health & Longevity 223rd Edition by Paul C. Bragg
Build Powerful Nerve Force: It Controls Your Life-Keep It Healthy  by Paul C. Bragg

Healthy Heart: Keep Your Cardiovascular System Healthy & Fit at Any Age 16th Edition by Paul C. Bragg
The Miracle Of Fasting: Proven Throughout History For Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation 51st Edition by Paul C. Bragg
Build Strong Healthy Feet  by Paul C. Bragg

Water: The Shocking Truth That can Save Your Life  by Paul C. Bragg
Bragg Back Fitness Program: Keys to a Pain-Free Youthful Back Revised by Paul C. Bragg
Bragg Healthy Heart, Revised: Keep Your Cardiovascular System Healthy & Fit at Any Age  by Paul C. Bragg

Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Health System 49th Edition by Paul C. Bragg
Bragg Healthy Lifestyle: Vital Living to 120! 33rd Edition by Paul C. Bragg
Sauerkraut & Cabbage Salt-Free Recipes  by Paul C. Bragg

Your Health & Your Hair  by Paul C. Bragg
How to Keep the Heart and Cardio-Vascular Healthy and Fit Revised Edition by Paul C. Bragg
Bragg Fitness Program With Spine Motion: Unique Exercises to Banish Backaches Revised Edition by Paul C. Bragg

The Shocking Truth About Water  by Paul C. Bragg
Gourmet Health Recipes: For Life Extension and Vital, Healthy Living to 120! 18th Edition by Paul C. Bragg
Healthful Eating Without Confusion  by Paul C. Bragg

Bragg Toxicless Diet Body Purification & Healing System  by Paul C. Bragg

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    Paul C. Bragg, Father of the Health Movement in America, had vision and dedication. This dynamic Crusader for worldwide health and fitness is responsible for more firsts in the history of the Health Movement than any other individual.

    Bragg’s amazing pioneering achievements the world now enjoys:

    Bragg originated, named and opened the first Health Food Store in America.

    Bragg Health Crusades pioneered the first Health Lectures across America. Bragg inspired followers to open Health Stores across America and then worldwide.

    Bragg was the first to introduce pineapple juice and tomato juice to America.

    He introduced Juice Therapy in America by importing the first hand-juicers.

    He was the first to introduce and distribute honey and date sugar nationwide.

    Bragg pioneered Radio Health Programs from Hollywood three times daily in the 20s.

    Bragg and daughter Patricia pioneered a Health TV show from Hollywood to spread The Bragg Health Crusade on their show, Health and Happiness. It included exercises, health recipes, visual demonstrations and guest appearances by famous, health-minded people.

    Bragg opened the first health restaurants and the first health spas in America.

    He created the first health foods and products and then made them available nationwide: herbal teas, health beverages, vitamin drinks, seven-grain cereals and crackers, health cosmetics, health candies, calcium, vitamins and mineral supplements, wheat germ, digestive enzymes from papaya, herbs and kelp seasonings, and amino acids from soybeans. Bragg inspired others to follow (Schiff, Shaklee, Twin Labs, Herbalife, etc.) and now thousands of health items are available worldwide!

    Crippled by TB as a teenager, Bragg developed his own eating, breathing and exercising program to rebuild his body into an ageless, tireless, pain-free citadel of glowing, super health. He excelled in running, swimming, biking, progressive weight training and mountain climbing. He made an early pledge to God, in return for his renewed health, to spend the rest of his life showing others the road to super health. He honored his pledge! Paul Bragg’s health pioneering made a difference worldwide.

    A legend and beloved health crusader to millions, Bragg was the inspiration and personal health and fitness advisor to top Olympic Stars from 4-time swimming Gold Medalist Murray Rose to 3-time track Gold Medalist Betty Cuthbert of Australia, his relative (pole-vaulting Gold Medalist), Don Bragg and countless others. Jack LaLanne, the original TV Fitness King says, “Bragg saved my life at age 15 when I attended the Bragg Crusade in Oakland, California.” From the earliest days, Bragg advised the greatest Hollywood Stars and giants of American Business. J C Penney, Del E. Webb, Dr. Scholl and Conrad Hilton are just a few who he inspired to long, successful, healthy, active lives!

    Dr. Bragg changed the lives of millions worldwide in all walks of life with the Bragg Health Crusades, The Bragg Health Books, his Radio and TV appearances.

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    Elvie | Posted March 23, 2020
    He has significant contributions in the heath sector as he is the one who found natural remedies for Gout pain. I am sure there are so many people who are thankful to him.

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