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365 Things Every Woman Should Know  by Bob and Emilie Barnes
Good Manners for Today's Kids Teaching Your Child the Right Things to Say and Do by Bob and Emilie Barnes
Five Minutes in the Bible for Men  by Bob and Emilie Barnes

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    Emilie Barnes is a nationally recognized home-and-office organization expert, a best-selling author, a dynamic speaker, and a dedicated homemaker. She is an active participant of the More Hours In My Day time-management seminars she founded with her husband, Bob.

    A gifted communicator, for more than 20 years Emilie has been speaking throughout the United States and Canada teaching women creative ways to simplify their lives by getting organized. The success of her teachings created further demand, which motivated Emilie to put her much-requested survival secrets into print. She is the author of more than 60 books and the co-author of several books. Her original book, More Hours In My Day is in its fourth revision and has remained in print for more than 20 years. Together, Emilie and Bob wrote the very popular, A Little Book of Manners for Boys and Minute Meditations for Couples. Bob has written more than a dozen books including the very popular, What Makes A Man Feel Loved.

    In A Journey Through Cancer, Emilie writes an autobiographical account of her diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from life-threatening cancer. Stricken with non-hodgkins lymphoma nearly five years ago, Emilie's foundation was shaken to the core. Now in recovery following a bone marrow transplant, Emilie is eager to share her story of hope, healing, and God's faithfulness. Her words offer comfort and encouragement to others suffering through illness, bereavement, job loss, or relationship struggles. Emilie speaks from the heart as she explores how to rediscover God's plan for life when your world is shaken, trust the reality of God's provision, receive joy in times of trouble, and live in hope. While in the midst of her illness, Emilie wrote two books. Safe in the Father's Hands outlines God's promises and blessings and A Cup of Hope speaks of the enduring strength of His peace and comfort.

    In their new book, 101 Ways to Love Your Grandkids, Bob and Emilie encourage grandparents to create legacies of faith and love. Offering practical ideas, heartfelt prayers, and personal stories, they inspire every grandpa and grandma to pray for their grandkids, extend a listening ear, participate in activities, demonstrate unconditional love, and accept each child's uniqueness. In a second release, Everything I Know I Learned Over Tea, Emilie pours out 13 life lessons that invite women to embrace the comforts of tradition, honor the resilience of the human spirit, and celebrate the individual gifts each person brings to the table.

    Emilie's much-requested organizational secrets and words of wisdom are published in more than 60 books including, If Teacups Could Talk, The Twelve Teas of Celebration, The Twelve Teas of Friendship, A Grandma Is a Gift from God, Quiet Moments for a Busy Moms Soul, Welcome Home, Beautiful Home on a Budget, Simply Dinner, Simply Organized, Time Began in a Garden, 15 Minutes Alone with God, The Spirit of Loveliness, 15 Minutes of Peace with God, Your Simple Guide to A Home-Based Business, and Fill My Cup Lord. Together her books have sold more than four million copies.

    Emilie is listed in 100 Christian Women Who Changed the 20th Century. She is a frequent guest on numerous radio and television programs nationwide, including The 700 Club, Focus On The Family, Family Life and Moody Broadcasting Network, and is currently featured in one-minute national radio segments entitled, Keep It Simple with Emilie. She continues to share her creative ideas and personal experience with cancer on literally hundreds of regional and local radio programs.

    Emilie and Bob Barnes live in Newport Beach, California where they enjoy spending time with their two grown children and five grandchildren.

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