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    Barry has been a marriage and family therapist for over 30 years as well as a devoted student of God's word. His honesty, humility, and desire to know what is right in the eyes of the Lord have enabled him to continually pursue the truth and tools necessary for God's best in relationships. He has worked closely with Bethel Church in the development of the Transformation Center both as a teacher, and supervisor to the counselors. His wisdom, experience, and anointing in the area of Spirit-led inner healing are powerfully matched with the Father's heart of love.

    ByrnesLori is a fourth generation Pastor with a strong gift of discernment and the prophetic. Having counseled people for years within the church, she draws from a vast wealth of wisdom and experience in connecting and building intimate relationships in the Body of Christ. She and Barry have been married for over 33 years. The pride and joy of her life are her 4 amazing sons and new daughter-in-law, who are all involved in various ways with their ministry. As a wife, mother, and pastor she has opened her home to countless individuals bringing transformation and empowerment.

    In response to a prophetic dream from the Lord, the Byrnes founded the Love After Marriage ministry and later, the Single Life Workshop and Spirit Connection ministries at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Barry and Lori's love for God's presence and voice is the core of their life and ministry. It is from this place of deep intimacy that their anointing flows to break strongholds and bring healing to individuals and couples. Their ministry restores relationship on every level, first with God, and then with those around them. God's original design is being reestablished so that everyone can walk in love, deeply connected, and live freely with nothing hidden.

    Today, the Byrnes continue to be an integral part of Bethel Church restoring lives and training up leaders while conducting Holy Spirit empowered workshops in Redding, and all over the world.

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