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     Aleathea Dupree is the author of Cheer Up Your Wife: A DIY Biblical Guide, a book that provides tools to fix or prevent the problem of an unhappy wife and empowers men to carry out the biblical mandate, "cheer up your wife" (Deuteronomy 24:5).

    Her first and middle names are literally translated "truth of God messenger." The meaning captures the essence of who she strives to be as a writer, as a counselor, as a minister and as a person. After the publication of her first book, Though The Vision Tarry: Waiting For My Promised Mate, she founded and became the administrator of Deep Waters, a resource website and interactive forum providing biblical answers to relationship issues. She is a contributing author to the book, 100 Words Of Wisdom, and also a contributing author to the book Voices Of Inspiration. Twenty-five plus years as a biblical counselor has helped to equip her as a writer, but it is her own life experiences that qualify her to employ the tools of truth and transparency to transform lives.

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    Miriam Slater | Posted September 13, 2021

    On their final day, the girls got up in the morning and were happier than Rob had ever seen them. Both girls came down holding hands and looking hotter than ever. Where Sarah usually dressed a bit more conservative than Marie, today both girls were looking super fucking hot in their short jean shorts, showing off their toned long smooth legs, and wearing tight tank tops with their nipples proudly on display having chosen to go sans bra. Rob looked around the breakfast room and noticed a few of the other fathers checking out his girls. How could he be upset? They looked great and he was fucking one of them.

    On arriving at the park, Marie helped Sarah by letting her have more time with her dad. Whenever they would get on a ride, it was usually the girls riding together with Rob riding alone as the odd man out. But today, being the last day, Marie told Rob that he needed to make it extra special for Sarah by sitting with his daughter on all the rides. After all this was her trip.

    Marie had a pep talk with Sarah that morning, telling her that if she wanted to be her daddy's girlfriend then she needed to stop being so shy and start showing him that she wanted him. She needed to start flirting with him to let him know she was interested in her father making love to her. She needed to stop being shy and show her desire for him.

    Sarah held hands with her father when they walked around the park, playfully telling her father “Come on daddy, today you are my boyfriend” as she turned to him and stood on her toes as she kissed him on the cheek. The kiss was not out of the ordinary, but with her soft lips landing partially on his mouth made Rob raise an eyebrow. Sarah was getting more and more comfortable as the day went on and she could feel her pussy getting wet every time she did something unusual, like the time they were standing in line waiting for the next ride.

    She stood in front of her father and brought his hands around her so that he would be hugging her while they stood very close to each other as she slowly pushed her ass back against him. She told her daddy how much she loved him as she slowly started moving her tight little ass from side to side while pushing it against his crotch. It thrilled her to feel her father's dick getting hard. Rob was in a trance, enjoying having her in his arms and her ass rubbing against him, feeling tempted to move his hands up to feel her perky tits. The tits he had been admiring from the time she and Marie had come down from their room. He wanted to know how good her nipples would feel. Suddenly, he snapped out it and made an excuse to let go and move away, putting Marie between he and Sarah.

    Another incident that made him lust for his daughter was when the girls had gone to the restroom. Sarah was the first to exit the restroom. She came up to her daddy, like any girl would and placed her hands around his neck. She thanked him for the great trip and kissed him on the cheek. It had started as a playful kiss that very quickly turned very sensual. She moved from his cheek to his earlobe and ended up using her tongue as she kissed his neck. Rob was enjoying it too much to stop her. The kissing felt nice and her tits pressed up against him felt even better with her hard nipples poking him. Making eye contact with her father, Sarah whispered “I love you daddy” as she slowly brought her lips up to his. Rob lowered his head, bringing his lips to her when they heard Marie yelling for them as she exited the restroom.


    Rob was confused the rest of the day. He was also getting horny, enjoying the girls sweet little asses whenever they walked out in front of him. He was not sure what was going on with Sarah, but he was liking it. The question he had asked himself awhile back as to whether he would be willing to fuck his own daughter was becoming harder to answer. The pros were starting to heavily outweigh the cons. For most fathers, the answer would be an easy one. No, not in a million years. But for Rob, he had already crossed a line with his niece and had come out ahead. Now the question to cross that line with his own daughter was becoming more and more difficult to answer.

    At the end of the day, the girls were not interested in going out. They had made other plans and feigned tiredness. They asked Rob if he could run across the street, same as the night before, to grab dinner. With no clue as to what was happening, Rob was more than happy to oblige. They settled on pizza and Rob left to pick up dinner while the girls got ready for their night of fun.

    While the girls were in their room getting dressed in their tight cotton shorts and crop tops, Rob also had a surprise of his own for the girls. He had asked the cashier to add two bottles of wine to his order. It was their last night and Rob, noticing how much fun they had the night before, saw no problem with all three of them letting loose.

    When he returned to the room, he could not help but notice that both girls were looking fucking hot in their crop tops that barely covered their tits and showed off their tight little tummies. That got his blood going, especially noticing that neither girl was wearing a bra. Both girls were wearing tight cotton shorts that made them look amazing. “Look daddy, Marie and I are twins tonight. Do you like our outfits?” Sarah asked him as she sat on his lap to hug and kiss him. “Yeah uncle Robbie, don't we look hot?” added Marie as she sat on his other lap. The girls both giggled and kissed him simultaneously on each cheek before grabbing their own seat.

    They all enjoyed their pizza and were enjoying the vino, overindulging with heavy pours. As they consumed additional glasses of wine, the girls started feeling buzzed and became a bit daring. Sarah had packed a deck of cards and suggested they play poker, only it would be truth & dare poker, where the winner gets to challenge any of the other players.

    The questions started a bit tame at first. The girls questioned each other on how many boys they had kissed and if they were still virgins. They obviously knew the answers but weren't quite sure how to get the topic of sex started with Rob. Marie had told Sarah before Rob's return that if she really wanted this to happen she needed to be bold and not the shy little girl she usually was. She needed to think like a slut and act like flirt.

    After finishing the first bottle and almost done with the second, all three were feeling good and seemed to have lost some of their inhibitions. Also, the questions started getting risque and the dares followed with a sexual theme. Things got a bit interesting when Marie challenged her uncle and he chose a dare. She dared him to remove his shirt. He saw no crime in that and so his shirt came off. Marie also won the next round and this time decided to challenge Sarah, daring her to lose her pajama shorts. Sarah protested at first, simply acting the part, but secretly was more than willing to tease her daddy with her panties. She stood up and started pulling down her shorts, turning away from her dad as she bent over to completely remove them. Marie enjoyed the look on his face when he realized Sarah was wearing thong underwear and her tight little ass was exposed to him. Rob immediately recognized the g-string her daughter was wearing, it was the same one he had bought for Marie a few weeks prior.

    He was starting to catch on, but decided to stand back and follow the girls lead. At this point, he was enjoying himself too much to walk away. The sexual tension was thick and everyone could feel it, but no one dared to leave the room. Rob won the next round, which by this point Marie was only in her top and g-string. He dared her to lose her top. She slowly and seductively removed her top, never losing eye contact with her lover as she exposed her tits to him in front of his own daughter. “Do my boobies excite you uncle Robbie?” she asked coquettishly, not really expecting an answer. She reached for the cards and dealt the next round.

    Sarah won the next game and looked at her dad, daring him to lose his pants. He said no at first, but the girls cajoled him into losing them, saying that being in his boxers was no different than being in his swim trunks. He finally relented and the girls were excited to see that he was obviously trying to hide a hard-on, whistling and hollering as he removed his pants. They were obviously strongly buzzing and having a great time.

    As they continued playing Marie won the next round, daring Sarah to lose her top, but she had to let her daddy remove it. They both looked at Marie then at each other. He asked Sarah if she was ok with it and she bashfully nodded her head. “Yes daddy.” Her panties got immediately drenched when he reached for the hem of the top that barely covered her tits and started pulling it up and over her head, while she looked down and saw his stiff cock trying to escape his boxers. She was loving the fact that her daddy was now looking at her boobies. She was wearing her 'pajamas' with no bra. Her nipples got hard knowing her daddy was staring at her chest.

    Rob, trying hard not to stare, grabbed the cards and started shuffling the deck before dealing out the cards for the next round. Marie struck again, winning the next round. She took the opportunity to give her uncle a show that she was sure he would appreciate. She grabbed her phone and ***********ed some R&B before turning to Sarah and daring her to give her dad a lap dance. Rob dick got instantly hard, the hardest it had ever been and Sarah felt her panties get completely soaked.

    She was willing but was unsure on how to get started. She looked to Marie with a questioning look. Marie looked at her and told her she would go first and for her to join when she was ready. Rob was sitting on his chair with his hard dick trying to break free and he made no attempt to hide it. Marie had danced for him many times before and he was looking forward to it. Marie got up, standing in front of her uncle in her little panties. She looked at her lover in the eyes as asked him “Are you ready for me uncle Robbie?” He simply nodded his head.

    She turned around and started grinding her ass against his stiff cock, enjoying the feeling of his cock poking at her little starfish and her little pussy every time she would bend her knees and move her hips up and down. She slowly turned around, enjoying the feeling every time she felt his cock twitch, letting her know she was turning him on. She straddled him and started grinding her panty-covered pussy hard against his dick, knowing she was getting him close to cumming. However, that was not her goal. She just wanted to warm him up for Sarah.

    Sarah stood there frozen, she was so turned on watching her dad and cousin grind on each other. Marie reached out and pulled Sarah to her and the girls started kissing, they were desperately shoving their tongues into each others mouth. Marie started going back and forth, from kissing Sarah to kissing her uncle, getting father and daughter to come closer and closer to each other. All of sudden, all three were entangled in a three-way kiss, with tongues dueling with each other. Marie got off her uncles lap and encouraged Sarah to take her place, which she promptly did.

    As the kissing continued, Marie slowly removed herself, allowing Sarah to have her daddy all to herself. She stood there admiring the sexual connection developing between Rob and Sarah and she felt a pang of envy. She had recently started seeing her own father in a different light and the scene unfolding right in front of her was making her more determined to go after what she wanted,.

    Sarah could feel her dad's hard cock pushing up against pussy as she recalled Marie's words about having to be bold and not being the shy little girl. She needed to show him she wanted him. She started grinding hard against his cock, kissing him hard as she threw her arms around his neck. “That is so fucking hot Sarah.” Sarah, looking at her dad, told him “Marie told me about how special you make her feel. Daddy, I want you to pick me up, carry me to bed and make me feel just as special. I want you to be my first” Instead of saying 'No, I can't', he asked if she was sure that was what she wanted. Biting her bottom lip, she nodded her head and told him she'd been wanting that for several years.

    He picked her up, same as he did when she was a little girl that had fallen asleep on the couch, and took the few steps over to the bed. They were not kissing, only looking at each with lust in their eyes. The whole scene was making Marie extremely horny. As much as she wanted to stay and watch, Marie very quietly searched her uncles pants for his room key. She wanted Sarah's first time with he father to be special and she wanted to give them time to themselves. She quickly got dressed and walked away to his room.

    Sarah had offered him her virginity and as her father he felt compelled to show her what to expect from a lover. He gently laid her down on the bed and came up to her as Sarah did what little girls were not supposed to do – she spread her legs for her father. She was full of lust for her sexy dad that she was ready to engage in incestuous lovemaking with her own father. Rob slowly moved down to her neck. She always loved the feeling when Marie did it, but now that it was her father, her pussy was well lubricated for his entrance.

    Unfortunately, that would have to wait. Rob was intent on making her feel good before he penetrated her. He continued his way down, taking her full breasts into his mouth. She wondered if they were big enough for him as Marie was a C cup and she was only a B. She smiled when Rob complimented her, telling her she had beautiful breast and how much he loved having them in his mouth with his hands roaming all over her body. She could feel his desire for her and she was loving it.

    Marie was his first young girl, but Sarah was a young girl with a tight body that happened to be his daughter. He was enjoying the experiencing of being her first lover, being the first man to suck on her tits and soon to the first man to make her cum by licking her pussy. Plus, when she was ready, his cock would be the first one in his daughter's hot virgin little cunt. He would use the same cock to fuck her that he had used to create her.

    When he finally reached her sweet-smelling pussy, he was anxious to taste it. To lap up her juices and make her feel her daddy's tongue on her sweet little pussy. Whenever he made love to a women , this was his favorite part, unwrapping his prize. He grabbed her panties by the waistband and slowly unveiled her sex. Her pussy was completely bald and he quietly thanked Marie, knowing this was her handy work. He started off slow by licking the sensitive areas around her sex without actually tasting it. He was dying to taste her but needed to build her up to an orgasm slowly.

    When she felt his tongue slither its way up her slit, her pussy exploded and she arched her back, pushing her pussy against her dad's mouth as she started trembling and her juices started leaking into his mouth. “Oh daddy, you're making me cum! My daddy's making me cum!” Rob did not stop, he continued his attack on her sex.

    He enjoyed her taste. She was a virgin and he was enjoying the fresh sweet nectar flowing out of her. This was his little girl's pussy and he just couldn't stop licking her and sucking on her labia. He was determined to make her first time unforgettable. When he finally reached the top and started flicking his tongue directly on her clit, she lost it. She gave out a loud scream that anyone down the hall way could've heard them along with the people on the other side of the wall. “FUCK!” screamed out as her whole body shook out of control. She had never before felt such pleasure, not even when Marie had eaten her out. Her pussy juices gushed out and Rob licked and slurped them up, enjoying the perverted thought that they were coming from his own daughter's pussy.

    He removed his boxers and quickly moved up and hovered over his daughter, kissing and asking her if she was ready to become a woman. “Yes, daddy. Make love to me like you do to Marie.” He told her she needed to help, telling her to grab his cock and guide to her sweet little entrance. She did as she was told. She reached down, grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, moaning when it hit her clit. He slowly pushed forward and she started feeling as her pussy started getting stretched for the first time. It hurt at first, but she knew it would. Rob slowed down a bit when he saw her tighten her jaw, but she encouraged him to continue, begging him not to stop.

    Fortunately for Sarah, her participation in sports had assisted in breaking her hymen a long time ago. Denying her father the opportunity to break it, but also saving her the pain. When Rob finally bottomed out, Sarah had no words for how she felt. It was so much better than how Marie had described it. The feeling of having the man that she loved between her legs with his cock deep in her virgin pussy with his weight on her while she smelled him was overwhelming her. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms and legs around him with the intent of never letting go.

    He slowly started pulling out and pushing back in, with her enjoying the feeling of her daddy's big fat cock as it penetrated her cunt. Realizing how lucky she was, her mind wandered to her friends at school, wondering what other girls had partaken in the same loving experience with their own daddy's. Rob could only hold back for so long before he started fucking her hard. The harder he went, the more intense it got for Sarah. She was ready to cum and told him “Cum in my pussy daddy, cum in me! My pussy is only for you!”

    He couldn't hold back any longer, he started pounding her hard and as his balls started slapping against her ass, they exploded, shooting his cum out and straight into his daughter's warm cunt. He did not stop, he continued fucking her. Sarah felt his seed shoot against her womb and she started trembling, feeling another orgasm overtake her. She loved that fact that it was her daddy that had given her such tremendous pleasure for her first time.

    They went on to make love two more times before Rob was completely exhausted and could not continue. They fell asleep in each other's arms with a smile on Sarah's face. The man she had lusted after and had given her virginity to had just made love to her. Her whole body was exhausted and sexually satisfied after her dream becoming a reality.

    In the morning, Marie was awoken with Rob knocking on the door. She opened the door and embraced him in a kiss. He thanked her for last night but told her she had to hurry up and pack, they had a plane to catch. She hurried to her and Sarah's room to pack before leaving. Sarah jumped out of bed, kissing her and hugging, thanking Marie profusely, telling how much she loved her and telling her how great it was to make love to her father. They both jumped in the shower and lovingly showered. There was no sex in the shower, it was simply two girls lovingly scrubbing and bathing each other.

    They arrived back home on a Saturday night. Rob wanted to give himself Sunday to rest before heading back to work. Since they were expecting her, Marie called her parents, explaining she was spending the night since it would be Sarah's last night before she went back home to her mother.

    There was no food in the fridge so they decide to order in. After dinner they all went to bed. It was a natural progression to what was happening between the three. They were lovers and wanted to be with each other before Sarah left for the next week. Sarah and Marie first went to brush their and wash their face and without prompting each other disrobed in Sarah's bathroom before walking to Rob's king size bed. Inside, everyone was excited to be with the two people that they loved so much and so ready to ravish each other. For all three, this would be their first threesome and there was some excitement for that too.

    When the girls walked into the bedroom, Rob was already in bed and completely naked. “Wow uncle Robbie, how did you know we were coming?” Marie asked while staring at Rob as he stroked his cock.

    “Because I know how much you love this cock.” he said with very confident tone.

    Marie immediately crawled up between his legs and took his thick cock into her mouth. He was right, his cock was her addiction. She fell in love with it their first night together and over the past three years that love had grown. She loved sucking his beautiful thick cock and deep-throating him, knowing how good she made him feel. They were lovers and she knew she was the only girl for him, until last night.

    Sarah, no longer the shy little girl, crawled up and started making out with her daddy. She had enjoyed making out with him last night before they made love and right now she was enjoying it as his hands roamed all over tight little body. “Play with my pussy daddy. Make your little girl feel just as good as you did last night.” Rob started moving one of his hands towards her pussy. He slowly caressed his way down to reach that special spot. He loved knowing this was his little girl's pussy he was caressing. It was wet and smooth as the day she was born.

    Sarah threw a leg across her daddy's torso, making it easier for his hands to reach down between her legs to stimulate pussy. This also made it easier for Marie to look up and start licking her pussy, fighting with her uncle's finger for access to her pussy. All the stimulation was driving Sarah crazy as she felt a jolt of electricity run throughout her body as she arched her back and screamed when she started cumming. Marie only gave her a minute to enjoy before surprising her with the same wonderful feeling her uncle had shown her. She slowly ran her tongue up from Sarah's cunt to her ass, spreading her cheeks to really get her tongue in there.

    Sarah started hyperventilating, she had never known such pleasure. This only got her pussy juices flowing, falling all over her daddy's hard dick that was up against her pussy. Sarah could barely stand Marie's tongue on her rosebud as she started rubbing her little pussy up and down against her daddy's cock, when she suddenly felt the tip of his cock at her pussy entrance. Marie saw this and told her to lift her ass up a bit. When Sarah did as she was told, Marie grabbed Rob's cock and lined it up with her pussy.

    Marie loved that she had a front row seat as Sarah pushed her hips down on her dad's big thick cock, once again totally stretching out her tight little cunt, knowing how good Sarah was feeling as she watched. Marie had seen this on porn videos she and Rob loved watching, but she had never seen it in person. Plus the fact that Sarah was being fucked by her own father had her rubbing her own cunt hard, fantasizing it was her with her daddy. Marie felt an orgasm hit her just as hard as if Rob was fucking her. She was more determined than ever to seduce her own father.

    She went over and laid down next to Sarah and all three started making out as Rob continued to enjoy Sarah's pussy tightly wrapped around his hard cock as he fucked her. All three had a feeling of sexual enlightenment, wishing it would never end. At that moment, there was no one in the world. It was only the three of them. Sarah and Rob sexual adrenaline kicked into high gear and both came simultaneously as Rob released his cum with an sudden blast and Sarah's pussy convulsed as her vaginal muscles contracted tightly around Rob's cock as she came while shoving her tongue hard into Marie's mouth.

    All three were totally exhausted as they laid there resting with a euphoric feeling all over their bodies.

    Marie suddenly woke up the next morning with someone sucking on her breast. She looked down and found Sarah sucking on her, trying to take as much of her breasts into her mouth. Sarah was suckling on her tits like a baby, with her little tongue feeling good on her nipples. What she hadn't noticed was that Rob had his head between her legs as he prepared to lick her pussy. The orgy had simply picked up from where they had left off the night before.

    It was Marie's turn to be ravished by her two lovers. Rob started fucking her with his tongue, shoving his tongue as deep as he possibly could and licking her sweet-tasting pussy in every crack and crevice. Marie reached down and brought Sarah up to her as they started making out. Before long, Marie started moaning and whining as she came. Rob had never failed to make Marie cum when he ate her out. He loved her pussy and loved sucking on her clit.

    Rob moved up and spread her legs as he got ready to fuck her. He knew how much she loved it hard and rough. He got into position and shoved his thick cock hard into her cunt. She always loved when he did that. It was him claiming her pussy as his own because she was his little slut to do as he pleased. Right away he started pounding her pussy hard, letting her know that he was in charge. Sarah moved down and once again brought pleasure to her titties.

    Marie closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation that father and daughter were giving her while her uncle fucked her hard, stuffing his big fat cock hard in and out of her tight cunt over and over as Sarah sucked hard on one of her tits while pinching her other nipple. With both her pussy and nipples being stimulated, Marie was going crazy. She was enjoying all the pleasures a threesome could bring.

    The whole situation was too much for everyone with Marie demanding that uncle Robbie fuck her harder, Rob feeling his balls starting to boil and Sarah enjoying her cousin's tits in her mouth. Marie arched her back as Rob pushed in his cock hard one last time into her pussy as he held her in place by her hips. When she felt his cum shooting into her, her moans got louder as she orgasmed hard. “Ah, ah, ah..... oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

    When Marie finally came down her from her sexual high she looked over at Sarah and with the biggest grin on her face, she said to Sarah “Lick me and eat your daddy's cum out of my pussy.”

    Rob was hard once again. Never before had he gotten hard so quickly after cumming. It was nearly impossible. He saw his own daughter get on her knees with her deliciously tight ass swaying from side to side with her head between Marie's legs licking up his cum. His cock was twitching as he watched her put her lips over Marie's pussy and dug out his cum with her tongue.

    Marie looked over and noticed that he was hard again. She curled her finger, telling him to come to her. He got closer and gave her what she wanted by sliding his cock into her open mouth. The whole situation was intense. Marie looked down and told Sarah to come help her. He asked him to stand up on the side of the bed as she sat up on the edge of the bed.

    She sucked on his cock for a few more strokes and reached behind him to grab on to his butt cheeks. She loved doing that, knowing she was in control and she could keep him in her mouth for as long as she wanted. After sucking on his cock for awhile, she looked over at Sarah and asked her if she was ready. Sarah nodded her head. She was ready to take into her mouth the same penis that had given her life.

    Marie grabbed his shaft from the base and fed it to Sarah, telling her to open her mouth. Marie felt so nasty when she reached out behind Sarah's head to push her head down. Sarah loved the feel of her daddy's cock in her mouth, taking in more than half his long thick cock into her mouth, opening it as wide as possible.

    The girls started taking turns sucking on his cock. Sarah was beyond excited. She couldn't believe that she was actually giving her first blowjob and to her her own father, nonetheless. Robbie was looking down the whole time watching both girls take turns sucking on his thick cock. Watching both his own young daughter and niece started giving him the tingling feeling in his balls once again. It also helped that Marie would play with his balls while his daughter sucked hard on his dick.

    He announced to the girls that he was about to cum and Marie quickly took his cock deep in her throat to stimulate his cock to explode with lots of cum. When she felt his balls starting to contract, she pulled him out and pointed his cock at both their faces, shooting his cum on Sarah's face and mouth as well as her own mouth. He came just as much as the first time. Both their faces were completely covered with his jizz and the both looked beautiful to him. He laid down on the bed as he saw the girls licking their faces clean and swallowing his cum as they licked it off.

    They spent the rest of the day fucking. There were time's when Rob was drained and needed time to recuperate, so Marie and Sarah would get into a sixty-nine and make love to each other. There was even a time when they got into a triangle of love with Rob's head between his daughter's legs, Sarah's head between Marie's legs while Marie had Rob cock down her throat. Somehow they found time to eat actual food and rest in between the different fuck sessions.

    Like all good things, it got late and things came to an end. Rob finally drove both girls home. On his way back home, he had a big smile on his face wondering what was next.

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