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    Between The Trees & Ryan Kirkland
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    Hello, I’m Ryan Kirkland. I’m a Singer/Songwriter from Southern California. Some of you may know, that for about five and a half years I was in a band from Orlando, FL called Between The Trees. We had some great success and a lot of fun during that time, and impacted people along the way. That might even be why you’re here now. But when I felt called away from the band, I made one of the scariest steps of faith I had ever made in my entire life.

    I knew that one day I would write/record again, but not in that moment. This step was away from all of that. This step was into the unknown. I had no plan, no sure direction, but I knew it was right. Within the first few hours of that step I immediately felt peace. Unbelievable peace. Unlike anything I had ever felt before. I wrote at least three songs that week! The emotion and the words couldn’t come quick enough! But something was still pulling at me. So I stayed focused on what was pulling me and never quite kept complete focus on the music. And the music kept coming! It was so freeing!

    I know that some of you don’t believe the same things I do. But I know now that God was showing me He had me! And with a little trust, and the letting go of what I wanted, I found me! Again, I know you may be reading this and not believe what I believe, but if you could just imagine yourself in the exact place you know you’re supposed to be, doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, and feeling the most complete you have ever felt… That’s what I felt like when I wrote these songs. I’ve been writing ever since I left for California 3 years ago, and I haven’t stopped. Among the fights and the fears, the joy and sorrow, I keep writing. And I finally feel like it’s time to put it all down! 

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    cool | Posted July 06, 2009
    cool band

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    Awesome Artist | Posted July 05, 2009
    I haven't heard much of their music,though I really do want to buy their album.But what I have heard is amazing.I LOVE "The Way She Feels" it became one of my favorite songs when I first saw the video.I'm sure I'll love the rest of their work as well.Looking forward to hearing more from them!

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    Samson98 (12)
    . | Posted July 05, 2009
    Love your music!

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    An Extremely Talented Group Of Dudes | Posted July 04, 2009
    I think that these guys are a very talented group.From the first time I saw the video for "The Way She Feels,"I was hooked! Can't wait fro the new cd! XD

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    Samson986 (28)
    . | Posted July 04, 2009
    Love your music!!!

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    Good Stuff | Posted July 03, 2009
    Liked "We Can Try" looking forward to hearing more, I'll definately check out your album!

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    HUH? | Posted July 01, 2009
    What does the name Between The Trees mean?

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